March KCDCC information

King County Central Committee Report
March 21, 2012
(synopsis since no minutes available yet )

• Vote to Suspend the Rules to Endorse Presidential and Gubernatorial Candidates. M/2nd/Pass
Endorsed Jay Inslee for Governor and Barak Obama for President.
• Dems can become members of King County Democrats online now.
• Chair is planning a retreat for all members of Executive Committee. They will consider PCO roles, tax reform, goals for KCDCC, etc.
• Precinct Committee Caucuses will be held in LDs on April 15th.
• You will find the Chair’s cell phone # if you need it by going to [this Web site is better: ][Mary Wirta] .
PLATFORM—Dean Founier
RULES—Karl de Jong
ADOPTION OF COMMITTEE PROCEDURES PROPOSAL: To facilitate communication and timely review of Agenda items for action by the KCDCC Executive Board. (synopsis) Documents, resolutions endorsement recommendations, committee action plans, etc. shall be run past all members of the committee preparing the draft. That draft will be sent to the Chair of KCDCC at least one week in advance of the meeting. 50 copies shall also be printed up and available at the meeting it is to be voted on. Committees shall keep the KCDCC Chair apprised of all members and their contact info; alert KCDCC Chair and all committee members of any meetings; keep and distribute minutes to members, KCDCC Chair/website, and Board. Proposed revisions of documents shall be available in a track changes form for comparison. Committee information(1 page/ committee) will be posted on the new KCDCC website in the members area. M/2nd/P unanimously as amended
TREASURER’S REPORT—See handout given at meeting for budget(Mary) or contact Treasurer
• Account moved from Chase Bank to Sterling Bank
• Chair’s [Separate] Accounts and Committee Accounts will be funded by their fund raising [when possible]. [per Steve Zemke—Chair of KCDCC] M/2nd/P
• More Aggressive Issues before the State Legislature will be decided on and funded by the KCDCC Leadership Council(LD Chairs)
• Budget M/2nd/P with above stipulations
RESOLUTIONS(paraphrased—no minutes available yet):
• KCDCC will encourage Ballot Drop Boxes to be placed on all campuses M/2nd/P
• KCDCC will support Taxpayer Fiscal Reform Act and KCDCC will educate public, take names for an initiative promoting the close of tax loopholes, etc. M/2nd/P vote = 16/15
 Endorsements—Karl de Jong: Members were appointed to the Endorsement Committee. Daniel Warwick volunteered from the 48th LD. Application Questionaires for Candidates are available now electronically (see website) or can be gotten by calling KCDCC. The Committee will be having the only meeting to interview candidates that have sent in applications for endorsement recommendations on March 10th & 11th .
 Legislative Action— Sara Jane Siegfriedt: They had a successful Legislative Day in Olympia on President’s Day . PCO bill passed.(There will be elections in contested races only)
 Voter Outreach—Brian Carver: Committee members appointed for each LD. Joanne Cisneros is representing 41st LD. 48th is open. There is a link for Voters Registration on website. Registering Voters at the St Patrick’s Day Parade.
 Platform and Resolutions—Joel Ware: Resolutions can be submitted by email. Committee gets many from LD but only has 3 people right now to review. Resolutions for any upcoming meeting need to be submitted by the 1st week of the month so they can be reviewed and available for the notice for the meeting on the 4th Tuesday of the month. Printed Platform Resolutions may be accepted at caucuses and passed on.
 County Caucuses and Convention—Chris Maryatt: Their committee is looking for volunteers who are not officers of the KCDCC. They also need Caucus Juridiction Coordinators to submit Results to KCDCC from the Precinct Caucuses.
 PCOs and Membership—Chad Lupke: If we need access Lists to contact/recruit PCOs contact him. They also need help with Membership.
 Elections—: No Report.
UPDATES (since February meeting):
• Per Becky Lewis—She will be functioning as the 48th’s Caucus Jurisdiction Coordinator along with those appointed working at each caucus site. Other volunteers are still needed by the King County Caucus/Convention Committee.
• Per Steve Zemke— Although there was to be only one endorsement meeting of applicants that submitted the Endorsement Committee’s New Application Form (on March 10 & 11), since there were many candidates that missed the submission of the application and therefore the endorsement meeting, another endorsement meeting is being considered for late April. Candidates that want to be considered for endorsement need to fill out and get their applications in soon.
• Per Joel Ware— Printed Platform Resolutions may be accepted at the Precinct Caucuses and LD Caucuses and passed on. They can be passed on to the LD and submitted by it to the State Platform Committee for consideration at the State Caucus. Or they may be passed on to KCDCC, but there will not be enough time for the Platform and Resolutions Committee to review and submit them for the Caucus. They will review them later per their regular procedures.
Respectfully Submitted –Mary Wirta Female Rep from 48th LD to KCDCC

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