New Officers and Final Endorsements for November 2012

John Elsbree was elected interim Chair at the September 19 monthly meeting, and Brad Helland and Linda Seltzer were named 1st and 2nd vice chairs pending the biannual January reorganization meeting.  The position of State Committeeman is open.

Financial contributions of $500 each were authorized to the campaigns of Jay Inslee for Governor, Kathleen Drew for Secretary of State, Bob Ferguson for Attorney General, and Sheryl Gordon McCloud for State Supreme Court.  $400 will be directed to the State Party with the suggestion it be distributed to campaigns of local candidates for federal office (federal law prohibits LD contributions to various campaigns such as Congressional); $300 to No on I-1185 (Tim Eyman’s latest initiative) and $300 to Yes on  R-74 (Marriage of Same Sex Couples).

Final endorsements for November general election:

Barack Obama–President
Maria Cantwell–U.S. Senate
Suzan Delbene–1st Congressional District
Adam Smith–9th Congressional District

Jay Inslee–Governor
Brad Owen–Lt Governor
Bob Ferguson–Attorney General
Kathleen Drew–Secretary of State
Jim McIntire–Treasurer
Troy Kelley–Auditor
Peter Goodmark–Commissioner of Public Lands
Mike Kreidler–Insurance Commissioner

State Representatives:
Ross Hunter–Position 1               Cyrus Habib–Position 2

Judicial and County Candidates:
Susan Owens–State Supreme Court 2
Steve Gonzalez–State Supreme Court 8
Sheryl Gordon McCloud—State Supreme Court 9
Sue Parisien–Superior Court 42
King County Sheriff–John Urquhart

Issues endorsements:

I-1240 (Authorize Charter Schools)–”No” vote
I-502 (Legalize marijuana)–”Yes” vote
R-74 (Same-sex marriage)–”Yes”
KC Proposition 1 (Tax levy for automatic fingerprint id system)–Support
I-1185 (Tim Eyman initiative to reinstate 2/3 voter requirement to approve taxes)–”No” vote
Advisory Votes 1 (Engrossed Senate Bill 6635) and 2 (Substitute House Bill 2590)–”Maintain”
Senate Joint Resolution 8221 (constitutional amendment on state debt limit)–”Reject”
Senate Joint Resolution 8223 (constitutional amendment excepting UW from restriction on investing in public funds)–”Reject”

–Phil Kouse, 48th LD Communications Director

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