The War on Workers

“After a decade of dormancy,” writes the International Brotherhood of Teamsters’ TEAMSTERS Summer 2012 Magazine, “right to work–more aptly called right to work for less–has been revived by a coalition of lawmakers, tea party groups, manufacturers, and conservative think tanks. ”

What’s at stake in the war on workers? asks the Union.

“The groups behind right to work claim that their intent is to spur job growth.  The average worker in right-to-work states makes about $1,500 less per year than workers in other states.  These lower labor costs supposedly attract businesses to states with anti-union laws.  But it turns out that job creation in right-to-work states isn’t exactly stellar.

“Of the 12 states with the highest unemployment in the nation, eight of them are right to work.  Oklahoma, the last state to become right to work before Indiana, has seen the number of manufacturing jobs drop by a third since it adopted right to work in 2001.”

48thLD editorial comment:  What do you expect from a political party that has informed us it cannot bother to let its campaign advertising be ruled by “fact-checkers”?   Read the entire article here:

–Phil Kouse, 48th LD Dems Communications Director