What you need to know about the voters registration inactivation notices

King County Democrats reported and I confirmed with the Secretary of State office and King County Board of Elections that 1.1 million postcards have gone out notifying Washingtonians that they may no longer be registered voters.

State elections and drivers license databases were merged, creating problems with the validity of voter registrations even in some cases of normal discrepancies of signatures between voters registration and drivers licenses, or typographical errors in birthdates on one or the other.  Seniors’ signatures normally change significantly in just a short period of time due to changes in eyesight or manual dexterity, so seniors may be disporportionally affected.

Anyone who received one of the white cards or is unsure of their registration status needs to check.


There are 2 ways a Voter can check:

  • If one does not have access to or or does not know how to use a computer(many seniors or people with limited income), call King County Elections at (206) 296-vote (or 1-800-448-4881).
  • B)  If you have access to a computer and know how to use it, go to www.myvote.wa.gov then:enter your name and birthdate:Then you will see either a message that says you do not appear to be registeredwhich means that you need to register before Oct 8th (or Oct 6th to be sure); or you will see a listing of your name, birthdate, and other personal data and the location that you are registered at.If you need to change your address you will need to do this prior to Oct 6th.


If you want to register online then you must have a drivers license or State ID which is on record with the License Data Base so that your signature on your ballot can be compared to the signature on your license. Those without a drivers license/state ID cannot Register to Vote online but must fill out a form. The deadline for online registration or changes is Oct 8th by midnight according to KC Elections Off.
  • Mailed forms must be postmarked no later than Oct. 6 due to the USPS Oct. 8 holiday.  King County Elections told me they are open on Columbus Day Oct. 8 so registration forms also can be hand-carried to the office before it closes at 4:30, but they  they will not accept registrations put in the ballot drop boxes.
  • KC Elections also told me that in-person address or name changes is restricted this year to only those who have never registered in the State of Washington (i.e. people who have moved here from out of State, new citizens, and 18 year olds or students who have never registered, or voters registrations for those whose registration has been previously cancelled).  Deadline for in-person is 4:30 October 29.
When you do get your ballot be sure and sign your name exactly as it is addressed to you, or it will be flagged or marked ineligible.
Mary Wirta, King County Democratic Committeewoman for 48th LD
(Edited by Phil Kouse, 48th LD Communications Director)