Democratic election observers urgently needed!

Election observers help to insure the integrity of of ballots and the validity of voters registrations, and voter/ballot challenges have been a critical factor in various elections such as Bush-Gore in 2000 and Gregoire-Rossi in 2004.  A number of campaigns in Washington besides the Inslee-McKenna race are expected to be closely run, and contested ballots may become an important factor in the outcomes.

Republicans reportedly have jumped at the chance to be observers, but there is a shortage of Democrats.  King County Elections needs an average of 2-3 Democratic observers from each LD for a total of 28 more.

Observing requires attendance at a 2-hour training session before the election. To volunteer and schedule your training, please email Noel Renggli, the Chair of the County Elections Monitoring Committee at and cc: to King County Dems Chair Steve Zemke ( and 48LD’s Mary Wirta (

Attendance at each orientation is limited and available orientations are:


  1. October 20, 10am to 1pm
  2. October 20, 1pm to 3pm
  3. October 22, 3pm to 5pm
  4. November 3, 10am to 12pm

You MUST schedule an orientation at the same time you volunteer.   Observation shifts begin October 22.


Mary Wirta, 48LD female rep to King County Democrats