October meeting report

At our October meeting 10/17/12 members ratified an emergency board decision to allocate a $4500 donation from the WA Justice for All PAC to the Cyrus Habib campaign for State Rep Position 2. Public Disclosure Commission rules required its distribution before the membership meeting.

  While contacting and updating the status of 2012 elected and appointed PCOs and PCOs elected for 2013-2014, 2VC Linda Seltzer learned that King County redistricted many precincts in August after PCOs filed for election to specific precincts in June, and some PCOs are now assigned to non-residential precincts.
  48LD will contribute $250 to King County Democrats, who are requesting $600 from each LD.
  Volunteers acting under the auspices of 48LD will again participate in the  meal project at the Eastside men’s or women’s winter shelter.  No LD funds will be used.
  Scott Laeser of Organizing for America reported the Obama campaign will focus on identifying Democrats who have not voted and getting out their vote before 11/6.  Jay Tomkus reported the DelBene campaign is targeting independent voters unaware of Koster’s position on women’s issues and higher education spending and inclined to vote for him due solely to name recognition as a SnoCounty councilman.
  Treasurer Sue Boone reported our current balance is $1831.11.
–Phil Kouse, 48th LD Communications Director