Food donations, volunteers still needed for Eastside shelters 12/21

by Linda Seltzer, 2nd Vice Chair/Event Coordinator
The 48th LD Democrats’ meal donation day at the Eastside Severe Weather Shelters is Friday, December 21, 8 pm.
Location of the men’s shelter: St. Peter’s United Methodist Church, Bellevue, 17222 Northeast 8th Street Bellevue, WA 98008 (8th St. east of 172nd Ave.)  Location of the women’s shelter: Bellevue First Congregational Church, 752 108th Avenue Northeast Bellevue, WA 98004 (SE corner of NE 8th St. & 108th Ave.)
We will provide dinner and the next day’s breakfast.
Last week the board of the Eastside Democratic Women donated a meal to the women’s shelter. The event was successful, but disturbing. One of the clients was there with three children, including a four month old baby.
We will need a team of women and a team of men to be on site December 21 after 8 pm at the shelter delivering and, preferably, serving the food. So far we have a few women, but only two men. We need more men to help at the men’s shelter. They clearly prefer to have the volunteers there serving the food and communicating with the clients. We should help set up the table, but they have all night staff to take care of the clean-up. There will be a microwave to reheat food, but no facilities to cook recipes from scratch. Breakfast has to be easy and quick, as the staff has to clean the mats in the morning.
If you cannot be present personally on Friday night, Dec. 21, please consider donating a non-perishable item. Such items can be brought to the December 19 48th LD Holiday party or given to someone else to bring.   We should be prepared to provide enough for at least 80 people, 30 women and 50 men.  Leftovers (perishable food) are kept in the refrigerator for no more than 48 hours. Donations to provide more than enough should be non-perishable.
What we need:
Meat entrees – 10 people to donate an 8-serving meat entree. Last week some people brought roasted chickens from the store rather than cooking. Vegetarian entrees (they requested non-pasta) – 10 people to donate an 8-serving vegetable dish 20 bags of salad Bread or rolls – 8 loaves of bread or bags of rolls Fruit, such as a package of strawberries or blackberries or a bag of apples or oranges. – fresh fruit has to be thrown out if it is not used within two days. 4 packages or boxes of cookies (preferably healthy, like Late July or Whole Foods 360)
At least 15 boxes of 5 or 6 breakfast bars (Kashi and Trader Joe’s have low sugar choices) 4-packs of Ensure or another vitamin drink for breakfast for people with very few teeth 4 1-gallon bottles of milk plus some 6-packs of milk 15 6-packs of individual containers of applesauce (unsweetened is healthier) or other fruit
Non-food items Enough paper plates, salad plates and paper cups for 80 people Optional – baby and personal cleaning wipes Napkins and paper towels Socks Women’s sanitary products New blankets, gloves, hats, scarves, umbrellas
Each donor should fill out a receipt form. This will provide a charitable donation receipt from Sophia Way for tax purposes and it provides a demonstration of community support for the program. People who wish to donate money to the shelter or to enlist another group to sign up for another day can contact
Please reply to Linda Seltzer  Let us know whether you can volunteer on site, what you wish to bring, and when you plan to bring your donation.