King County Dems censure Rodney Tom

Resolution to Censure Sen. Rodney Tom


Senator Rodney Tom, the senator from the 48th Legislative District, was nominated by the Democratic Party in 2010 and elected as a Democrat by the voters of that District; and


the Charter of the State Democratic Party provides that “Those elected as Democrats have the obligation to support the principles of the Democratic Party”; and


Senator Tom has now chosen to caucus with the Senate Republicans, throwing majority control to that party and elevating himself to a position he is calling “Coalition Majority Leader”; and


Senator Tom instigated this unprecedented coup and turned his back on sincere offers of shared leadership with the Democratic caucus, thereby thwarting the will of the State’s voters who elected a Democratic majority to the Washington State Senate; and


Senator Tom received substantial material campaign help from the Democratic Party, including volunteers, access to VoteBuilder and over $70,000 in cash and in-kind donations, leading to his election as a Democrat in 2010,

Now, Therefore, Be it Resolved

that the King County Democratic Party formally censures Senator Rodney Tom of the 48th Legislative District for this behavior that has betrayed both his constituents and the statewide electorate, and has harmed every Democratic senator by denying leadership positions to some, hindering the ability of the Democratic caucus to pass legislation consistent with Democratic values, and limiting the ability of the Governor and Legislature to adopt a budget reflecting those values; and

Be it Further Resolved

that the Democratic Party should withhold from Senator Tom access to all Democratic funds, volunteers and VoteBuilder, since the purpose of such Party support is to elect Democrats who will support the Democratic leadership in passing Democrat-sponsored legislation; and

Be it Finally Resolved

that we urge all friends and associates of the Democratic Party to similarly withhold their support, both monetary and non-monetary, from Senator Tom.

Adopted by KCDCC on 1/22/2013.