2/20 Business meeting report

Business Meeting Highlights
  • Passed an austerity budget of $1951.59 with no funds for campaigns unless we plan district fundraisers.  (Funds from the 2012 Eastside Dinner normally reserved for the next year’s budget were not reserved for this year, but spent on 2012 general election campaigns.)
  • Approved William Wurtz as an appointed PCO and Santiago Ramos prospectively as acting PCO, approval by chair pending selection of a precinct by Santiago and 2nd Vice Chair Linda Seltzer.  (Our apologies to William, whose last name was mispelled in the newsletter.)
  • Elected Craig ZumBrunnen as male alternate to King County Democratic Central Committee.  Election and appointment of representatives to various KC committees deferred until after KCDCC considers proposed Bylaw changes affecting committee compositions.