Rodney Tom comes to Tim Eyman and the Tea Party’s Defense

This morning we got some great news! The State Supreme Court struck down Tim Eyman’s supermajority rule, which required a 2/3rds vote in our Legislature to raise taxes.

For years the 2/3rds requirement has handcuffed our state, hitting our education system the hardest. The biggest winners today are our state’s children, who now have a chance for a fully funded education.

But it didn’t take long for Senate Majority Leader Rodney Tom to act – siding with Eyman and anti-tax forces like the Tea Party.

After the ruling was announced, Tom said his Senate Majority is “exploring what rule changes we can make” to bypass the Supreme Court and require a 2/3rds vote in the State Senate.

If that doesn’t work, his Senate Majority will try to pass an amendment making the 2/3rds rule part of the State Constitution. 1

We need to find a true Democrat to replace Rodney Tom. Can you donate $5 to our Rodney Tom Retirement Project?

Senator Tom thinks we should fully fund education but wants to make it impossible to raise the funds to pay for it.

This is just one in a series of Senator Tom’s attacks on our education system. Last week he introduced a bill that would eliminate pension benefits for state employees, including our state’s teachers.

Another bill sponsored by Senator Tom removes all job protections for teachers. 2

Our education system is in crisis. Last year, the State Supreme Court ruled that the state, by underfunding education, wasn’t meeting its obligation to our state’s children. 3

We need a State Senate that will work to fund education and support our teachers. Please contribute to our Rodney Tom Retirement Project today.

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Dwight Pelz Washington State Democrats Chair

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