Announcing Quarterly Business Meetings


To maximize time with candidates and program topics while keeping the meetings shorter, Chair Phil Kouse has announced after conferring with members of the Executive Board, that the 48th will tentatively adopt a quarterly business meeting format.  Our bylaws require regular meetings, but do not require that all meetings must be business meetings.
PCO appointments, treasurer’s report and time-critical business will occur monthly.  Other reports and business will be deferred to the quarterly meeting.  Officers’ reports will be distributed in writing, by newsletter, or deferred to the next quarterly meeting.
  • April 17th (Program Meeting)  WSDCC Chair Dwight Pelz, the 48th and the State Senate GOP+2
  • May 15th (Program Meeting)  Professional political directors on advanced organizing skills for activists
  • June 19th (Quarterly Business Meeting)  Primary candidate endorsement vote and business meeting


(non-essential business deferred to quarterly business meeting)

  1.  Introduction and Q&A with primary candidates/issues seeking endorsement.
  2. Program by Dwight Pelz Regarding State Senate. Washington State Democratic Central Committee Chair Dwight Pelz will present a multi-media program.
  3. Critical Business:  PCO appointments, if any.  Treasurer’s report.  (Officers’ reports will be distributed in written form or the post-meeting newsletter, or deferred to the quarterly business meeting.)
  4. Good of the Order:  Announcements of forthcoming events.
  5. Introduction of  any primary candidates arriving from 41st LD meeting.
  6. Adjournment.  There may be a post adjournment meeting of Dwight Pelz with officers and others interested in discussing potential 48th LD activity in response to Senator Tom, subject to Dwight’s availability.