Resolution on Referring to Social Security and Medicare as “Earned Benefits”

Whereas language means a lot, and Max Richtman of the National Committee to Preserve Social Security and Medicare’s use of “Earned Benefits” is a better expression for those of us interested in sharing for the good of us all.  All taxpayers have in fact paid for those benefits.  Also, even Ronald Reagan publicly explained that costs of those Earned Benefits are not part of the annual federal deficit or the national debt;

And whereas use of the Republican-flavored word “Entitlements” can create the impression of a give-away, which is not accurate;

And whereas conservative Supreme Court Justice Anthony Scalia recently advocated eliminating voting rights laws, calling them “racial entitlements;”  Republican Congressmen love to call Social Security and Medicare “Entitlements,” making them sound like unearned presents rather than earned benefits,

Be it resolved that as much as possible the term “Earned Benefits” be used instead of the word “Entitlements” for Medicare and Social Security.

Adopted unanimously by the 48th LD on April 17, 2013.