Notice re: June 19 Endorsements meeting

by Phil Kouse

We will consider endorsements for the August primary for those candidates and issues which have sought our endorsement at our June 19 meeting.  Some of our members have been attending joint interviews with the 45th LD endorsement committee and will provide additional input from these interviews regarding some candidates at our meeting, but the 48th has no endorsement committee per se.  Although the 45th LD has asked our delegates to vote on recommendations for 45th LD endorsements, I am not using those recommendations in our LD endorsement process.

Our Executive Board has asked candidates seeking our endorsement to submit a KCDCC and labor union or council questionnaire to our LD, and issues have been asked to provide a FAQ sheet.  These will be saved to our Google Drive and links will be provided in the email notice of our June meeting so that members in good standing may peruse the questionnaires before the meeting.  Volume of printing and costs preclude our providing hard copies of the questionnaires at the meeting.

Candidates seeking endorsement at the June meeting who have not already contacted the 48th should email their intent and attach copies of the requested questionnaires to Chair Phil Kouse via no later than Friday, June 7.  To minimize time spent on procedural motions, I am going to consider that any candidate or issue who has complied with the Executive Board request to submit a KCDCC and labor union or council questionnaire already has a motion and second by the Executive Board for “consideration” for our sole endorsement for the position sought.

Candidates/issues not meeting submitting questionnaires in time to publish before the meeting will not be included on the agenda until our July meeting, although final decision whether to consider any other candidate or issue for endorsement in June without questionnaires rests with the membership by motion from the floor.  For more information, see the detailed entry below.