Wednesday June 19 Endorsements and Business Meeting Agenda

Check-in 7:00, Northwest Arts Center,  9825 NE 24th Street, Bellevue
Call to order and approval of agenda 7:10

I. Endorsements.  (Candidates will be excused after their presentations in order to appear at the 41st LD for their endorsements at 8:15 PM. Endorsements will be posted late Wednesday on our website.) 

  • Endorsement requested by only one candidate for a position:  Dow Constantine (KC Exec), John Urquhart (Sheriff), John Creighton (Port of Seattle Com 1), Courtney Gregoire (Port of Seattle Com 2), Steve Kasner (Bellevue Council Pos 4), Shelley Kloba (Kirkland Council Pos 2). 
  •  Requests for endorsement for same position (in order requests were received by our LD):  Michael Wolfe v. Stephanie Bowman (Port of Seattle Com 3), Vandanna Slatter v. Lynne Robinson (Bellevue Council Pos 6).


Watch later this week for an email with links to their questionnaires.

All members in good standing (elected PCO or dues paid more than 30 days before the meeting) are eligible to vote on endorsement. 2/3 majority of persons voting required for endorsement. 



II.  Old Business.

  • Election of Communications Director deferred from April/May meetings
  • Election of 2nd Vice Chair vacated by resignation deferred from May meeting.

Bylaws Article VI Section 1a:  Only elected or appointed (not acting) PCOs may vote for Vice Chair.  All members in good standing may vote for Communications Director.

III.  New Business including legislative updates if legislators/senator are present

IV.  Officers’ Reports 

V.  Courtesies for candidates arriving late from other LD meetings

VI.  Good of the Order and Adjournment