August 2013 Primary Endorsements

48th LD members made the following endorsements by at least 2/3 majority vote meeting in Bellevue Wednesday, June 19, and  Wednesday, July 17.

Dow Constantine, King County Executive.

John Urquhart, King County Sheriff.

John Creighton, Port of Seattle Commissioner Position 1

Courtney Gregoire, Port of Seattle Commissioner Position 2

Stephanie Bowman, Port of Seattle Commissioner Position 3

Steven Kasner, Bellevue City Council Position 4

Lynne Robinson and Vandana Slatter, dual endorsement for Bellevue City Council Position 6.  (It is the earnest hope of our members in recommending their dual endorsement that voters will select these persons to be the top two of the three candidates in the primary who go forward to the November primary election, an outcome which is feasible under our current primary election system.)

Jay Arnold, Kirkland Council Position 1

Shelley Kloba, Kirkland Council Position 2

Doreen Marchione, Kirkland Council Position 7

Krischanna Roberson, Bellevue School Board Director, District 4

King County Proposition 1 (Parks Levy): Recommend vote in favor of proposition

No candidates for other offices have requested our consideration for endorsement to date. Initiatives appearing only on the November ballot will be considered for recommendation of vote for or against at a later date.