The Democratic Party wants YOU!

Every two years, Democrats around the state gather with their neighbors at Caucuses and Conventions to decide on the direction of the Washington State Democratic Party.
This year, that process kicks off on March 9 with the Legislative District Caucuses.  The 48th LD Caucus will meet from 1-3 PM at Rose Hill Elementary School, 8110 – 128th Ave NE, Kirkland.  The LD Caucuses are followed by County Conventions on April 12to adopt a county Platform and county resolutions, and the State Convention on June 21st in Spokane to adopt a state Platform, state resolutions and other party business.
We will be electing 8 delegates and 6 alternates to the State Convention,, and may consider platform proposals and resolutions to refer either to the county or state conventions.  You do not have to be a PCO or member of the 48th LD Democratic organization to attend, vote or be eligible to election as a delegate or alternate.
Have you been intending to get more involved with Democrats in your area?  the Caucuses and conventions are a great place to start.  Attend our LD Caucus and run for State Convention delegate.  Ethnic minority Democrats are encouraged in particular to place your names into consideration.  By attending our LD Caucus and/or County Convention as an involved Democrat or the State Convention as an elected delegate, you will have the chance to shape our Party platform and pass resolutions.
It is interesting to note that in 2008, Washington State hosted the largest Precinct Caucuses in United States history.  The Caucuses kicked off the grassroots movement that elected Barack Obama in that historic election.
Ex Officio members of the State Convention from the 48th LD are U.S. RepresentativesAdam Smith and Suzan DelBene, State Senator Rodney Tom, State RepresentativesRoss Hunter and Cyrus Habib, 48th LD Chair Phil Kouse, and 48th State Committeepersons Becky Lewis and Santiago Ramos.