US Reps Smith and DelBene at 4/16 LD meeting

U.S. Representatives Adam Smith (9th CD) and U.S. Representatives Suzan DelBene were scheduled to attend.  Congressman Smith will leave early for an appearance at the 41st LD meeting. (Click on the red ball above right for the pull-down menu with meeting time and place, etc.)
  1. Congressional Updates and Q&A, Representatives Smith and DelBene.
  2. Campaign update:  Joan McBride for State Senate
  3. Other candidate/organization courtesies
  4. Treasurer’s report
  5. Report of LD Chair Phil Kouse deferred from last meeting
  6. Convene brief special session of LD Caucus to receive report on specific resolutions referred to Caucus Resolution Committee to be put into final form, and to determine whether to refer them to the State Convention with or without our recommendation to pass the resolutions.
  7. Courtesies for candidates/organizational reps arriving from other LD meetings
  8. Good of the Order:  Vice Chair Virginia Rogalsky re: Cinco de Mayo Party; Vice Chair Karen Tennyson re: special May meeting PCO Votebuilder training. Others from floor.