Endorsement meeting Wednesday May 21

Attention candidates:  our Endorsement Meeting will be May 21, not our June meeting as previously announced. 
The meeting was moved up due to the deadline for publishing the county Voters Guide.

State Party rules require us to nominate rather than endorse candidates from our district for State Senate and the two seats in the State Legislature.  

The only announced candidates known to be seeking our nomination at this time are Cyrus Habib for State Senate and Ross Hunter and Joan McBride for State Legislature.

Candidates for nomination who have not already notified 48th Chair Phil Kouse they are requesting endorsement and attended at least one meeting should declare their intend and plan to attend the May 21 meeting.  Non-incumbents are requested to provide a copy of a King County Democrats questionnaire and the questionnaire from one labor union or council from which they are seeking endorsement.  Contact Phil Kouse at 48thdems@gmail.com.