Nominations and Endorsements for August 2014 Primary election

Rep. Cyrus Habib was nominated as the Democratic Party candidate for State Senate from the 48th LD and former Kirkland mayor Joan McBride as the candidate for the seat Cyrus will vacate in the State Legislature Wednesday night, 48th LD Democrats Chair Phil Kouse announced. Rep. Ross Hunter was nominated for re-election to his legislative seat.

U.S. Rep. Susan DelBene (1 CD) and Rep. Adam Smith (9 CD) received the district party sole endorsements for re-election to Congress.

The 48th LD Democrats solely endorsed Judge Janet Garrow for Northeast District Court Position 1 and Judge Ketu Shah for Position 2.

Lisa O’Toole and Marcus Naylor received dual endorsement for District Court Position 3. As judges pro tem, both candidates survived a rigorous and competitive hiring process to substitute for elected judges. Our members believe that each candidate brings valuable background and perspectives to the judiciary.

Superior Court and other candidate endorsements will be considered in June.