August 20 Annual Picnic

48th LD Democrats’ annual picnic will be hosted by the Ross Hunter re-election campaign Wednesday evening at the home of Ross Hunter in Medina. Ross also will be inviting other guests of his campaign, and you will have an opportunity to contribute to Ross’ relection campaign. Electeds or candidates with any questions about the format for the evening should contact Representative Hunter, not the 48th LD Chair.

Attendance is by RSVP to the Hunters only. For an Evite invitation and electronic RSVP, or see the 48th LD Democrats FACEBOOK page or email for a forwarded invitation.

You also will have the opportunity to order and pay for your tickets for the Eastside Democrats Dinner on Sunday, September 7.

The campaign is providing beer and non- alcoholic beverages, organic hot dogs and hamburgers, and a place to sit. We’re hoping folks will bring salads and desserts, plus other bits to fill in.

Ross needs three persons to help with set up, three persons to help with take-down, and two persons who will handle the grill during the picnic. Please contact 48th Vice Chair Virginia Rogalsky ( as soon as possible if you can assist.