Yes Rodney’s leaving, but we still must fight for the State Senate

(Editor’s Note:  Matt Isenhower’s campaign against the incumbent state senator in our neighboring 45th LD has been flagged by our Rep. Ross Hunter and others as a key campaign to regain Democratic party control of the Senate. Ross noted that he, Cyrus Habib and Joan McBride emerged with overwhelming majorities in the primary election and appear assured of election to the state Senate and Legislature from our LD.   He has encouraged the 48th to lend our resources to the 45th to assist Matt.)

Now you have two chances to put your feet on the ground and walk for Matt Isenhower, Senate Candidate for the 45th LD, and  take back the State Senate

  • Sunday 9/14 at Bella Bottega QFC Starbucks, Redmond
  • Saturday 10/18 at 10 AM, place to be determined.

This is a great way to get exercise and work for an excellent candidate who has the ability to help change the power structure in the State Senate.  Let’s get a permanent solution to education and women’s health.

If you have an iPhone, iPad or Android device, please let me know.  We would like to get as many walking lists via Mini-Van as we possibly can, and save a tree or two.  If you are not familiar with Mini-Van, please contact me (425-822-7765 or 425-985-5017) for a brief lesson on how to download the app on your device.

–Karen Tennyson, 2nd Vice Chair (PCOs)