2014 General Election Endorsements

Candidates running opposed are not listed.

State Legislature:

  • 48th LD Representatives:  Ross Hunter (incumbent), Joan McBride
  • 48th LD Senator: Cyrus Habib


  • 1st District Representative:  Susan DelBene (incumbent)
  • 9th District Representative: Adam Smith (incumbent)

Northwest Electoral District Court:

  • Judge Position No. 1:  Janet Garrow (incumbent)
  • Judge Position No. 2:  Ketu Shah (incumbent)
  • Judge Position No. 3:  Lisa O’Toole or Marcus Naylor*


  • I-591 (Prohibiting gun confiscation without due process of law):  No
  • I-594 (Requiring federal background checks for every gun transfer with limited exceptions): Yes

* Judges (Pro Tem) O’Toole and Naylor were dually endorsed by this organization during the primary election ccampaign.  Both survived the primary and now seek the same judgeship.