Eastside LD’s join our meetings again on November 19

Eastside Districts General Meeting
Wednesday, November 19, 7 PM
Tyee Middle School
13454 SE Newport Way
Bellevue WA 98006-2024

The King County Democratic Central Committee reorganization meeting is December 6 and all 2015-2016 elected PCOs (whose term of office begins 12/1/14) will be eligible to vote for the new officers.

The 5th, 41st and 48th LDs are combining our meetings that night in order to allow more time for PCOs to meet the candidates for King County Democrats offices than if they were required to travel among the three regular LD meetings that night.  This meeting replaces the November membership meeting of the 48th LD Democrats.


1.  Kurt DelBene on the Affordable Care Act aka Obamacare (25 minutes)

2,.  KCDCC Meeting Review (5 minutes)

3.  LD End of Year Parties (10 minutes)

4.  Which PCOs can vote in January? (5 minutes)

5.  Acknowledgement of Candidates for KCDCC office (10 minutes)

10-Minute break

KCDCC Chair Candidates Event (30 minutes)

(The official agenda adds old and new business.  However, the 48th had been planning a review of our proposed Bylaws and this meeting does not provide sufficient time or setting for that activity. 48th members may wish to exist quietly after the Chair Candidates Event.  A special 48th meeting is set for Dec. 10 for those who wish to review the proposed Bylaws revisions.)