12/10 Special Meeting–Ross on the State Budget and the Bylaws revision

A.special meeting has been called for the second Wednesday of December 12/10 replacing our November meeting, which was cancelled to allow PCOs to attend a general Eastside meeting to hear candidates for chair of King County Democrats. The meeting will be at the usual time and meeting place, 7 PM at the Northwest Arts Center in Bellevue. Our annual holiday party will be the third Wednesday at the Lewis home (watch for details).

State Rep. Ross Hunter, undoubtedly the Legislature’s leading authority on.the State budget, will discuss the budget in detail, including slides with graphs and charts.  This program will be from 7-8 PM.

Those who wish to review and provide feedback to the Bylaws Revision Committee will meet from 8-9 PM for a less formal discussion meeting to review proposed changes to the Bylaws and newly created Standing Rules (user-friendly term coined by John Elsbree is “Special Rules of Order”).  John Elsbree, Craig ZumBrunnen, and Phil Kouse will use feedback from this discussion to compose a final draft for adoption at our biennial Reorganization Meeting on the second Wednesday in January 1/14/15.

To read the Bylaws presently in effect pull down the “Bylaws” page from the menu bar above.  For a summary of the changes along with a draft of the revised Bylaws and new Special Rules of Order (standing rules in parliamentary-speak), pull down the “Proposed New Bylaws” menu page.