Reorganization Meeting Agenda for 1/14

7 PM January 14 (Second Wednesday)

Northwest Arts Center

9825 NE 24th Street, Bellevue

Call to Order by Temporary Meeting Chair

  • Rich Erwin (KCDCC Chair), Roger Crew, and Steve Kasner from King County Democrats board, officiating.

Flag Salute

Appointment of Secretary, Parliamentarian, Sergeant at Arms and Tally Committee

Credentials Report

Adoption of Agenda and Meeting Rules

Adoption of District Organization Bylaws and Standing Rules

Election of District Chair

Appointment of District Credentials Committee

Election of All Other District Officers

  • District Credentials Report regarding non-PCO members
  • Officers elected only by elected PCOs: First Vice Chair,WSDCC and KCDCC committee persons and KCDCC alternates.
  • Officers elected by all members in good standing: Second and Third Vice Chairs, Treasurer, Communications Director.

Approval of PCO Applications

Old Business

New Business

  • Appointment of Standing Committee(s)
  • 2015 Budget

Good of the Order