2015 primary candidate endorsements

48th members endorsed additional candidates for office locally and in King County Wednesday, July 15.  Candidates for our endorsement are reviewed for the nature of their Democratic/progressive identity, degree to which the their campaigns reflect values expressed in the Washington State Democrats’ platform, and aptitude to engage in bi-partisanship when necessary without compromising their obligation to support other Democratic/progressive candidates/electeds and interest groups, as well as breadth and depth of knowledge and abilities preparing them for the office sought.  Incumbents are considered on the basis of their demonstrated records.

48th District Democrats include viewpoints ranging from moderate to left among our membership, and endorse candidates of a range of viewpoints as well.  We seek to endorse the candidate for each office who most reflects Democratic ideals while having the most promise of winning an election. Because very well-qualified candidates may not alone achieve the required 2/3 majority required for a primary endorsement, multiple endorsements for any given office may result.

Endorsed last night:

King County Director of Elections:  Zack Hudgins, Christopher Roberts

Port of Seattle Commissioner Position 5:  Darrell Bryan, Ken Rogers, Marion Yoshino

Bellevue Council 1:  John Stokes (incumbent, not on primary ballot)

Redmond Mayor:  Steve Fields

Here are the candidates endorsed by the PCOs and members of the 48th District Democrats on May 18:

King County Assessor:  Lloyd Hara (incumbent)

King County Council District No. 6:  Claudia Balducci

City of Bellevue Council Position No. 5:  Vandana Slatter

City of Kirkland Council Position No. 2:  Shelley Kloba (incumbent)

City of Kirkland Council Position No. 6:  Dave Asher (incumbent)

King County Superior Court Judge Position 7:   Janet M. Helson

King County Superior Court Judge Position 15:  Samuel S. Chung

King County Judge Position No. 21:  Veronica A. Galvan