Patty Kuderer is first-choice nominee for State Legislature vacancy

Clyde Hill attorney and 48th District Democrats Executive Board member Patty Kuderer was elected as first choice nominee to fill Ross Hunter’s seat in the State Legislature at our Nominating Caucus Wednesday evening. She received 25 of 39 PCO votes in the election for the first-ranked nominee.

Redmond City Councilmember Kim Allen was second nominee and Kirkland real estate broker and 48th board member Santiago Ramos was third. The nominations were ratified and will be submitted by the KCDCC Executive Board to the King County Council, who make the actual appointment from among the three nominees.

The 48th Executive Board had passed a resolution at its planning meeting on 9/2 urging the Council to appoint the first-ranking nominee resulting from the caucus. 48th Chair Phil Kouse delivered letters to each King County Council man and woman this morning communicating that resolution.