48th District Precinct Caucus results 3/26/16

Total caucus attendance in the 48th Legislative District today: 5401.

LD/County Caucuses Delegates allotted to 48th LD: 609.  Delegates elected: 599.

Delegates committed to Clinton: 231.  Delegates committed to Sanders: 368.

Here are the delegates elected by area (sites are school unless otherwise noted):

Spirit Ridge (Bellevue)  20 precincts/556 attending     Clinton 28     Sanders 31

Lakeview (Kirkland)       24 precincts/778 attending     Clinton 37     Sanders 54

Tillicum (Bellevue)          20 precincts/555 attending     Clinton 22     Sanders 41

Ben Franklin (Kirkland) 21 precincts/716 attending     Clinton 32     Sanders 50

Sherwood Forest (Bellevue) 23 pcts/653 attending       Clinton 23     Sanders 50

Medina (Bellevue)            23 precincts/586 attending     Clinton 41     Sanders 30

Redmond Senior Center 22 precincts/784 attending    Clinton 24     Sanders 61

Redmond Community Center 21 pcts/773 attending     Clinton 24     Sanders 51

Delegates and alternates go to the 48th Legislative District Caucus at 1:00 PM Sunday, April 17, at Spirit Ridge School, Bellevue; and to the King County Convention at 1:00 PM Sunday, May 1 (location to be announced).  Delegates will receive personal invitations and information by mail.  Voters and others who wish to attend to observe should watch here or our newsletter for more information.

The process of progressively electing delegates moves through through the Congressional District Caucuses Saturday, May 21, and the Washington State Democratic Convention 6/17-18 at which delegates will be selected to the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia July 25-28.  The 48th LD spans both the 1st and 9th Congressional Districts so splits our delegates for each candidate between the two Congressional District Caucuses.