FAQs about the 4/17 District Caucus

Video introduction to 48th District caucuses

My precinct elected me to be a delegate/alternate but I have not heard anything more yet. Is that a problem?

No. The State party has provided a partial list of delegates, who will be notified by email (if known) or snail mail (if only residential address is known) as soon as possible this weekend. The remainder will be notified Monday evening by email or by snail mail posted Tuesday after the list is provided by the State Monday.

The King County Democratic Party will notify you later about the County Convention at 1:00 on May 1.

Where is the District Caucus?

1:00 Sunday 4/17 at Spirit Ridge School, 16401 SE 24th St., Bellevue. Registration procedures are still being determined but in general, delegates will sign in and enter the meeting hall and alternates will wait in a holding area until needed or dismissed.

What will happen there?

We are excited that State Democratic Party Chair Jaxon Ravens is planning to address 48th LD delegates. The 48th Legislative District spans the 1st and 9th Congressional Districts, so after a general meeting we will divide into separate caucuses to elect LD delegates to the 1st and 9th Congressional District caucuses on May 21.  LD and County delegates to the CD caucuses and delegates to the State Democratic Convention on June 17-19 will elect the delegates to the National Convention in Philadelphia on July 25-28.

Any Democrat can run to be a delegate to any of these caucuses or conventions, regardless of whether they were elected as a delegate at an earlier stage.

For more information or to get an application to run for delegate to the National Convention, check the State Party website here.

Do I need the delegate or alternate certification slip given out at the Precinct Caucuses?

Some got these and some did not. The main purpose was to notify you of dates of the District Caucus and County Convention to which you were elected. If you have one bring it but it is not required to be seated.

I am an alternate. How will I know if I am needed in my precinct’s delegation?

There really is no way for us to know in advance whose services will be needed until the call to seat alternates during the caucus itself.  If your services are not needed after that, you will be free to leave.

Will it be as chaotic as the Precinct Caucuses?

We have about 1200 delegates and alternates to register in order to finally seat 599 voting delegates, and we have very little time and few experienced persons to plan and organize this task, so there will be some bumps in the road. The last time we did it on this scale was 2008, when the Democratic nomination was hotly contested between Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton.

Is there a registration fee?

Yes. The State Party has authorized Districts to require a registration fee from each delegate.  The registration fee for 48th District delegates or alternates seated in place of a delegate will be $10. If you share our vision of grassroots activism, you also are invited to join and become active in the 48th District Democrats. For more information, see the pull down menu bar above.

–This information is up to date as of 3 PM Saturday, 4/9. Phil Kouse, Chair. It corrects previous information which was in error.