Updated Official call of delegates to the 48th Legislative District Caucus on 4/17

This is the Official Call by the 48th District Democrats
to the Legislative District Caucus, April 17, 2016 at 1 pm. (Updated 4/12/16)

Video introduction to the District Caucus

 If you were elected a delegate or alternate at your Precinct Caucus on 3/26 and have not received the official call by email or USPS, come anyway.  If you received one of the certificate of election slips, bring it.  Some email servors may not deliver mass emails from gmail.com; yours may have gone to your spam folder; there may have been a problem in reporting your election or contact information by your Precinct Caucus secretary; or (in a lot of cases we know about), you may not have provided us with any contact information!  

FAQ: Are alternates expected to attend? Yes. After delegate attendance is tallied, alternates not needed to be seated for absent delegates will be excused from the rest of the caucus proceedings.

FAQ:  When should I get there?  Although other Districts have announced they will open their doors at 12 and start proceedings at 1:00, we will open our doors at 1:00 and start our proceedings as soon as most delegates can be credentialed.   State rules prohibit any District from starting elections before 2:00. Mandatory adjournment is 5:00.

Location: Spirit Ridge Elementary School
                 16401 SE 24th St., Bellevue, WA 98008

Who is eligible to vote:

The purpose of the District Caucus is to elect representatives from our Legislative District to the 1st and 9th Congressional Caucuses May 21 and the State Democratic Convention June 17-19.

Persons who are eligible to vote include:

  • Eligible voters who were elected as delegates at their Precinct caucuses.
  • Alternates if delegates for their precinct are not present.  Alternates should be representing the same candidate as the delegate they are replacing.

A quorum is 40% of delegates registered by the final credentials report.

Who is eligible to run for delegate to the State Convention and/or Congressional District Caucus:

Any eligible voter may run for delegate even if he or she was not elected as a delegate or alternate to the District Caucus. Here is how to run for delegate:

  • After registering for the District Caucus, complete the declaration of candidacy at the sign-in table. Read the requirements carefully before submitting it.
  • Post your “political resume” on wall space specified for your chosen Presidential candidate. Delegates for that candidate and Congressional District will have the opportunity to read your resume before the Caucuses begin.
  • You will make a one-minute or less spoken presentation to your Caucus. If you are more comfortable reading a statement, one minute is about 150-170 words.
  • If you cannot attend the District Caucus, you may run for delegate instead by submitting your request and qualifications in writing to the District Chair by midnight Friday 4/15 [email 48thdems@gmail.com, subject line: Application for Election as Delegate].  The Chair will read your letter to the delegates. It cannot be longer than 1 minute, which is approximately 150-170 words.

What are the Caucus Rules:

A copy of the Rules will be sent to all delegates and alternates along with the final Agenda before the Caucus. Please bring your copy of the Rules and Final Agenda to the Caucus.

Our Rules will set a requested registration fee of $10 for each seated delegate or alternate, and possibly from persons who are not delegates or alternates who seek election to the CD Caucus and State Convention.  Inability to pay the requested fee will not prevent you from attending the caucus or being considered for election.  Proceeds from the fee will replenish the 48th District Democrats’ “war chest” for 2016 political campaigns and contributions to candidates, which was eliminated by the high cost of the precinct and district caucuses this year.

How many delegates does the 48th District elect:

Our Bellevue precincts are in the constituency of the 9th Congressional District. Redmond, Kirkland, Clyde Hill, Medina, Hunts Point, and Yarrow Bay precincts are in the 1st Congressional District.  The 48th District actually will conduct a separate Caucus for the delegates from each CD after the initial Plenary (entire group) business.

CD 9: We have been allocated 6 female delegate positions and 6 male delegate positions. Also we have 3 female alternates and 3 male alternates.

CD 1: We have been allocated 8 female delegate positions and 8 male delegate positions. Also we have 4 male alternates and 4 female alternates to elect.

You will vote for an equal number of male and female delegates and alternates in your CD and candidate caucus.

FAQ: We will not know until the elections occur how the delegates will be split between the Presidential candidates. The guidelines for the elections required by the State Party will be incorporated into the District Caucus Rules after we have them completed for distribution in an email no later than Friday morning.


1:00    Doors open for Registration (Sign-in tables, alphabetic lines).  We are hoping to have a paperless registration; the amount of information required from delegates by the State Party may prevent this.


Call to Order by Phil Kouse, 48th District Democrats’ Chair.

Pledge of Allegiance

Address by Jaxon Ravens, WSDCC Chair

Greetings by State Senator Cyrus Habib and State Representatives Joan McBride and Patty Kuderer

Election of Phil Kouse (LD Chair) to chair 1st CD Delegates’ Caucus and Becky Lewis (LD State Committee Woman) to chair 9th CD Delegates’ Caucus

Appointment of Caucus Officers by the Chairs

Credentials Report for each CD: A) Seating Alternates B) Challenges (REGISTRATION CLOSES)

Adoption of the Agenda and Rules


Election of delegates

Official registration forms to newly elected delegates

No Platform or Resolutions—already submitted for King County Convention 5/1 at the Precinct Caucuses

Good of the Order

Adjournment—No later than 5 PM