Final District Caucus election results

by Phil Kouse, Chair.

Here are the results of the balloting from the 2016 District Caucus.

Despite the catastrophic failure of our registration process–due entirely to my failing to start planning early enough to allow us to recruit adequate volunteers to make the event work on the planned time schedule–and despite my failure to explain the proceedings in a way that would reduce confusion–thanks to the patience, forbearance and graciousness of all but a very small handful of the 562 delegates, we did achieve our reason for meeting within about two hours of the originally announced stopping time.

The membership and the Executive Board of the 48th District Democrats as well as the planning group and volunteers for the District Caucus include both Sanders and Clinton supporters and our organization has no presidential candidate preference.  We will endorse and unite to work together for the election of the nominee of the Democratic National Convention in July.

Therefore caucuses and sub-caucuses are listed simply in numerical and alphabetical order (by candidate last name) in order to reflect our organizational neutrality. If your name is mispelled or there are other errors they are due to human error, they are unintentional and will be corrected within 24 hours if you email us the correction or inquiry at

CD1 Clinton

Delegates: Nitika Arora, Jordan Blakney, Shahzad Bhatti, Ross Hunter, Jon DeVaan
Alternates: Karen Tennyson, Sandra Eisert, Josh Benaloh

CD1 Sanders

Delegates: Katheryn Bickell, Violet Davis, Deanna Falcone, Peace Keenen, Etta Spangler, Peggy Gennatiempo, Rizwan Samad, James Terwilliger, Paul Flinton, Kyle Keraga, William French.
Alternates: Omar Aldahleh, Nicole Hamilton, Jeff Handley, Julia Greenfield, Aidan Moran.

CD9 Clinton

Delegates: Christine Chew, Sarah Chandler, Thomas Harrington, John Shaffer, Brett Parmacek.

Alternates: Lisa Weber, Frederic Mokren

CD9 Sanders

Delegates: Mimansa Dogra, Rachel Zimmerman, Aubrey Tingler, Aaron Tam, Brian Constable, Matthew McMullan, Brent Yarkin.
Alternates: Lauren Root, Cyril Bouanna, Fiona Campbell, Eric Chaney.

Thank you, CD/State Convention Delegates, for your willingness to serve the Democratic voters of your Legislative District in this capacity. You will receive communications calling you to the state convention from the Washington State Democratic Central Committee. You also are a delegate or alternate to your Congressional District Caucus on May 21.

This weekend we will both email with attachment and snail mail your information and registration materials for the State Convention on June 17-19. This still provides you with more than adequate time to register for the State Convention in June. The CD Caucus planning committees will provide a call to meeting with location, dates, agendas and rules, and registration information in whatever manner and timing they are planning.

If you wish to run for delegate to the Democratic National Convention, you do not have to be a delegate to any of the other caucuses or conventions. See this link for the application and deadline for submission: