2016 Endorsement Procedures

Wednesday, April 20 Monthly Meeting:  we will devote considerable time to presentations by candidates requesting our endorsement who are seeking our endorsement.  You are welcome to come to our meeting first and then leave after your presentation to go to the 5th or 41st LD meetings, or go there first and come to our meeting afterward.  No emails or texts are necessary to give notice of late arrivals.  You or a representative must appear at this meeting to be eligible for consideration for endorsement at our May Endorsement Meeting unless you previously appeared at a meeting to request our endorsement.

Wednesday, May 25:  Endorsement Meeting. Our regular third Wednesday meeting has been postponed from May 18 because it falls during filing week.  Our Bylaws prohibit considering endorsements before the close of filing by the Board of Elections.  Endorsement interviews are by committee-of-the-whole.

We endorse candidates preferring Democrat running for partisan office and any candidate for a non-partisan position with a liberal-progressive record and values.  We may pass a resolution in favor of an issue, but our Bylaws preclude formally endorsing an issue until it appears on a ballot as a measure to be enacted.

Democrats in the 48th LD represent a spectrum of viewpoints, like the Democratic Party as a whole. Nonetheless, there has been a growing consensus that a candidate we endorse should have certain characteristics. These include:

  1. a definite Democratic or progressive identity, evidenced by a prior proven history of memberships or involvement with Democratic party organizations or other groups sharing the Party’s ideals;
  2. support of the platform of the Washington State Democratic party, evidenced by unambiguous public statements or, in the case of incumbents, their record in office;
  3.  a commitment to support other Democratic candidates and electeds, evidenced by one’s record of candidate endorsements and campaign contributions.

For our official statement regarding Candidate Support see our Bylaws, Article II Section 3.

Questionnaires: Our Executive Board requires that candidates requesting endorsement provide copies of a King County Democrats questionnaire and a questionnaire from a labor council or union whose endorsement actually was requested. These can be emailed to 48thdems@gmail.com, subject line: “Endorsements” at least 10 days before the endorsement meeting, or contact the Chair at that email to make other provisions.

Incumbents previously endorsed by the 48th District Democrats are excused from providing questionnaires.

Appearance at Meetings. We make time at every meeting during the campaign season for candidates who wish to appear, and allot equal time to each one as allowed by our agenda. Candidates attending the 5th or 41st LD meetings on the same night are welcome to appear late at our meeting and given time at a convenient break in our business. Email notice a day in advance of attending, and anticipated early or late arrival, helps our Chair coordinate appearances. Prior confirmation from the Chair to attend and speak is not required.

Endorsement Procedures as specified in our Rules of Special Order, Rule III:

1. At any meeting for which endorsements have been given as an item for the agenda, the membership may endorse candidates for elected office or ballot measures. The call for the meeting shall include a list of candidates eligible for endorsement consideration.

2. Candidates requesting endorsement must do so at a regular meeting at least twenty-eight days prior to the meeting at which his or her endorsement shall be considered.

3. The Executive Board or an endorsements committee may submit recommendations to the membership for endorsements. Such recommendations shall be considered prior to any other motions to endorse. (Note: All endorsements are being considered directly by our members without such recommendations during 2016.).

4. Candidate endorsements may be single or multiple for the same office. Multiple endorsements for the same office shall be approved as a single motion.

5. After the close of filing and before the primary election, candidate endorsements shall require a 2/3 vote.

6. After the primary election, candidate endorsements shall require a simple majority.

7. Endorsements supporting or opposing a ballot measure may be made after the measure has qualified for the ballot. Such endorsements shall require a simple majority.

Any questions can be directed to Phil Kouse, Chair, 425-533-3385. Emai