Rules Committee Updates

The Rules Committee met for the first time on December 10th to discuss early topics and finalize our schedule for drafting bylaw changes.  With exactly one month before the January reorganization, we have two important updates to announce:

(1) Deadline for feedback:
We will continue soliciting feedback and suggestions until January 4th.

(2) Draft changes on the way:

Our committee will be publishing an early draft of our proposed bylaws by December 28th.

  • At this time, you’ll be able to view the nature and language of all proposed changes.

  • We will also be providing specific comments and reasoning behind each proposed change.  

This draft will remain open to feedback until the January 4th deadline.  On that date, our committee will be finalizing its recommendation to the body in order to give the membership two weeks to review and form opinions. However, we will continue to hear any district members who have feedback and concerns, which may be eligible for consideration as amendments to the bylaws proposal.

Any questions? You may reach me at, or through the Rules Committee address provided above.

Kyle Keraga Rules Committee Chair