Rules Committee: Bylaws First Draft

Friends and fellow Democrats,

Happy New Year!

The Rules Committee has been hard at work over the holidays, preparing new bylaws for our biennial Reorganization Meeting on January 18th.  On behalf of the committee, it is my pleasure to disclose the first draft of those bylaws, and to open the door for public feedback and comment:

Proposed Bylaws – First Draft

Please send your thoughts and suggestions to for review.  All feedback will be given full consideration by the committee.

These bylaws were written following the excellent ideas we have received from district membership.  You may find descriptions of all major changes in the comments – simply click on highlighted text, and the corresponding comment will appear to the right of your screen.
As the holiday season necessitated more time to develop these bylaws than we had originally anticipated, we are extending our feedback deadline until January 10th.  At that time, the committee will be distributing a final proposal to the body.  However, we will continue to hear any district members who have feedback and concerns, which may be eligible for consideration as amendments to the bylaws proposal.
Thank you once more for your time,
Kyle Keraga
Rules Committee Chair
48th District Democrats