48th LD Bylaws: Final Draft

Friends and fellow Democrats,

Here (bylaws-of-the-48th-district-democrats) you will find the final proposal of the Rules Committee for the 2017 Reorganization Meeting on January 18th.
I want to thank all of the hardworking members of the Rules Committee for their time and energy in developing this recommendation, as well as all of our PCOs and members who contributed their valuable ideas to this document and this process. The proposal, listed below, is an evolution of last week’s first draft following the feedback, suggestions, and ideas of our many district members.
At this stage, the proposal itself can be considered final.  However, we will continue to accept feedback from district members, and are willing to work with any member on crafting well-worded amendments that may be considered from the floor.
Please contact the Rules Committee at 48thrules@gmail.com with any questions or feedback. You may also reach me directly at kkeraga1@gmail.com.

Kyle Keraga
Rules Committee Chair
PCO 48-2967
48th District Democrats