Become a Volunteer

Want to get more involved? Sign up for a variety of ongoing or reoccurring volunteer opportunities.

  • Come help the LD48Dems at local parades and festivals!
    We always welcome more members and volunteers to come march with us at local parades and talk to our neighbors at festival booths. Get to know your fellow LD48 members and reach out to every corner of our community!
    Contact: Christy Bear
    Volunteer Spots: Unlimited
  • Help us out at our monthly meetings!
    Come to our monthly meetings! You can be the first to welcome new members to our district. And, if you have a projector you can bring, that is always useful!
    Contact: Zenda Boss-Hall
    Volunteer Spots: 2
  • Bring us your social media expertise!
    If you are an avid user of Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, or something else, come join us on social media and help us reach more people than ever before!
    Contact: Peace Keenen
    Volunteer Spots: 3
  • Financial Review Task Group!
    Do you have an eye for detail? Have bookkeeping experience or PDC knowledge? We can use your help to stay compliant!
    Contact: Peace Keenen
    Volunteer Spots: 4
  • Volunteer for a Campaign!
    Believe or not, there are elections every year. If you want to help with any local campaigns and don’t know where to look, let us know!
    Contact: Peace Keenen
    Volunteer Spots: Unlimited