Executive Board

We’d love to hear from you! Please contact any of the following members of our Executive Board (click the name to send mail):

Chair James Terwilliger
Vice Chair OPEN
Treasurer Sue Boone
State Committeewoman Becky Lewis
State Committeeman Santiago Ramos
County Committeewoman Mary Wirta
County Committeewoman Alternate Yosefa Kouse
County Committeeman Dwight Rousu
County Committeeman Alternate Zeke Tan
Rules Committee Chair Randy Grein
Rules Committee Vice Chair John Elsbree
Communications Committee Chair Tyler Cole
Communications Committee Vice Chair Julia Greenfield
Events and Fundraising Committee Chair Christy Bear
Events and Fundraising Committee Vice Chair Donna Beckley
Membership Committee Chair Zenda Boss-Hall
Membership Committee Vice Chair Ira Weise
Endorsements Committee Chair OPEN
Endorsements Committee Vice Chair OPEN
Diversity Committee Chair Lisa Weber
Diversity Committee Vice Chair Carlos Jimenez
Young Democrats Committee Chair Aaron Tam
Young Democrats Committee Vice Chair Sana Nagar