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Final District Caucus election results

by Phil Kouse, Chair.

Here are the results of the balloting from the 2016 District Caucus.

Despite the catastrophic failure of our registration process–due entirely to my failing to start planning early enough to allow us to recruit adequate volunteers to make the event work on the planned time schedule–and despite my failure to explain the proceedings in a way that would reduce confusion–thanks to the patience, forbearance and graciousness of all but a very small handful of the 562 delegates, we did achieve our reason for meeting within about two hours of the originally announced stopping time.

The membership and the Executive Board of the 48th District Democrats as well as the planning group and volunteers for the District Caucus include both Sanders and Clinton supporters and our organization has no presidential candidate preference.  We will endorse and unite to work together for the election of the nominee of the Democratic National Convention in July.

Therefore caucuses and sub-caucuses are listed simply in numerical and alphabetical order (by candidate last name) in order to reflect our organizational neutrality. If your name is mispelled or there are other errors they are due to human error, they are unintentional and will be corrected within 24 hours if you email us the correction or inquiry at

CD1 Clinton

Delegates: Nitika Arora, Jordan Blakney, Shahzad Bhatti, Ross Hunter, Jon DeVaan
Alternates: Karen Tennyson, Sandra Eisert, Josh Benaloh

CD1 Sanders

Delegates: Katheryn Bickell, Violet Davis, Deanna Falcone, Peace Keenen, Etta Spangler, Peggy Gennatiempo, Rizwan Samad, James Terwilliger, Paul Flinton, Kyle Keraga, William French.
Alternates: Omar Aldahleh, Nicole Hamilton, Jeff Handley, Julia Greenfield, Aidan Moran.

CD9 Clinton

Delegates: Christine Chew, Sarah Chandler, Thomas Harrington, John Shaffer, Brett Parmacek.

Alternates: Lisa Weber, Frederic Mokren

CD9 Sanders

Delegates: Mimansa Dogra, Rachel Zimmerman, Aubrey Tingler, Aaron Tam, Brian Constable, Matthew McMullan, Brent Yarkin.
Alternates: Lauren Root, Cyril Bouanna, Fiona Campbell, Eric Chaney.

Thank you, CD/State Convention Delegates, for your willingness to serve the Democratic voters of your Legislative District in this capacity. You will receive communications calling you to the state convention from the Washington State Democratic Central Committee. You also are a delegate or alternate to your Congressional District Caucus on May 21.

This weekend we will both email with attachment and snail mail your information and registration materials for the State Convention on June 17-19. This still provides you with more than adequate time to register for the State Convention in June. The CD Caucus planning committees will provide a call to meeting with location, dates, agendas and rules, and registration information in whatever manner and timing they are planning.

If you wish to run for delegate to the Democratic National Convention, you do not have to be a delegate to any of the other caucuses or conventions. See this link for the application and deadline for submission:

4/17 District Caucus Rules and Final Agenda

These are the District Caucus Rules with Final Agenda for the delegates and alternates elected by their Precincts to the 48th Legislative District Caucus of Washington State.

1:00 to 5:00 P.M. Sunday, April 17, 2016 at Spirit Ridge School, Bellevue.

The facilities are accessible on one floor.


Please bring your own digital or printed copy of the Caucus Rules and Agenda with you to the Caucus for your personal reference.  Printed copies will not be available for distribution Sunday.

These Rules comply with the final Washington State Democrat Central Committee Rules to be applied at all District Caucuses in the state. They may reflect changes made since, or clarifications of, information related to you at the Precinct Caucuses.



Q: What happens if I’ve moved to a new address since the precinct caucus?

A: If you have moved out of your precinct, you forfeit your seat as a delegate. (See rule 3.)

Q: Can I change my presidential preference?

A: Yes, delegates can change their preference at any time, up until the credentials committee compiles its final report. (See rule 6.)

Q: How will the delegates to be elected at the LD caucus be allocated by presidential preference?

A: The allocations will be proportional to the number of each candidate’s supporters attending the LD caucus. (See rule 11.)

Q: What happens if a precinct has insufficient alternates to replace its absent delegates?

A: An unseated alternate from another precinct in the district (with the same presidential preference) will be chosen by lot to replace each absent delegate. (See rule 2.)

Q: Do I need to be a precinct delegate/alternate in order to run for State/CD Delegate?

A: No, you just need to be a Democrat and a registered voter in the Legislative District. (See rule 13A.)

Q: If I’m an alternate who is not seated to replace a delegate, may I still attend the caucus?

A: You may stay and observe, but not vote. You could also volunteer to help the tally committee. (See rule 18.)

Q: Can I pay the $10 registration fee online?

A: Yes. Go to the 48th Dems Click and Pledge site  here and pay in the blank contribution box. Bring a copy of your digital receipt with you to Caucus sign-in (or Nominations table if you are a non-delegate candidate) to assist our registrars.  Payment of the fee is not a condition of participation or election.



Doors open at 1:00 for Registration. After registration, Candidates for CD Caucus/State Convention precede to the Nominations table to get their Candidate Number and then post their resumes at their Sub-Caucus Area.  Alternates who are not seated for delegates are requested to volunteer to stay to serve on the tally committee.


Call to Order by Temporary Caucus Chair Phil Kouse (District Chair)

Pledge of Allegiance

Address by Jaxon Ravens, Chair of Washington State Democratic Central Committee

Greetings by 48th LD Senator Cyrus Habib and Representatives Joan McBride and Patricia Kuderer

Appointment of Temporary Officers

  • Secretary:  Yosefa Kouse (District Communications Director)
  • Sergeant at Arms:  Brad Helland (past State Committeeman)
  • Parliamentarian:  John Elsbree (District Parliamentarian)

Preliminary Report of the Credential Committee by Credentials Committee Chair Nick Pernisco (District 2nd Vice Chair)

Announcement of Preliminary allocation of delegates to State Convention by presidential preferences by the Temporary Chair.

Report of the Rules Committee by Rules Committee Chair John Elsbree

Election of Permanent Chairs by delegates from the 1st and 9th Congressional Districts.

  • Temporary Chair will conduct the election of a Permanent Chair for 9th CD Delegates. Nominee of the Rules Committee made by Chair John Elsbree: Becky Lewis, State Committeewoman. Other nominations will be taken from the floor.
  • The person elected Permanent Chair for 9th CD Delegates will conduct the election of a Permanent Chair for 1st CD Delegates.  Nominee of the Rules Committee made by Chair John Elsbree: Phil Kouse. Other nominations will be taken from the floor.

Appointment of Permanent Secretary, Sergeant-at-Arms and Parliamentarian

Adoption of the Final Credentials Report.

Chairs announce the final allocations of the State Convention delegates and alternates.


Call of the delegates of the CD to Order by the Permanent Chair

Appointment by the Chair of Sub-Caucus Chairs

  • 1st CD Clinton Delegates: Karen Tennyson (District 1st Vice Chair)
  • 1st CD Sanders Delegates: Santiago Ramos (District Committeeman)
  • 9th CD Clinton Delegates:  Becky Lewis
  • 9th CD Sanders Delegates: Brad Helland

Sub-Caucus Chairs appoint a Sub-Caucus Secretary and conduct the election of delegates according to Rule 13. The District Chair and Rules Committee Chair will be available for consultation.

Certification of the Delegates to the CD Caucus and State Convention.

Adjournment by the Permanent Caucus Chair

Updated Official call of delegates to the 48th Legislative District Caucus on 4/17

This is the Official Call by the 48th District Democrats
to the Legislative District Caucus, April 17, 2016 at 1 pm. (Updated 4/12/16)

Video introduction to the District Caucus

 If you were elected a delegate or alternate at your Precinct Caucus on 3/26 and have not received the official call by email or USPS, come anyway.  If you received one of the certificate of election slips, bring it.  Some email servors may not deliver mass emails from; yours may have gone to your spam folder; there may have been a problem in reporting your election or contact information by your Precinct Caucus secretary; or (in a lot of cases we know about), you may not have provided us with any contact information!  

FAQ: Are alternates expected to attend? Yes. After delegate attendance is tallied, alternates not needed to be seated for absent delegates will be excused from the rest of the caucus proceedings.

FAQ:  When should I get there?  Although other Districts have announced they will open their doors at 12 and start proceedings at 1:00, we will open our doors at 1:00 and start our proceedings as soon as most delegates can be credentialed.   State rules prohibit any District from starting elections before 2:00. Mandatory adjournment is 5:00.

Location: Spirit Ridge Elementary School
                 16401 SE 24th St., Bellevue, WA 98008

Who is eligible to vote:

The purpose of the District Caucus is to elect representatives from our Legislative District to the 1st and 9th Congressional Caucuses May 21 and the State Democratic Convention June 17-19.

Persons who are eligible to vote include:

  • Eligible voters who were elected as delegates at their Precinct caucuses.
  • Alternates if delegates for their precinct are not present.  Alternates should be representing the same candidate as the delegate they are replacing.

A quorum is 40% of delegates registered by the final credentials report.

Who is eligible to run for delegate to the State Convention and/or Congressional District Caucus:

Any eligible voter may run for delegate even if he or she was not elected as a delegate or alternate to the District Caucus. Here is how to run for delegate:

  • After registering for the District Caucus, complete the declaration of candidacy at the sign-in table. Read the requirements carefully before submitting it.
  • Post your “political resume” on wall space specified for your chosen Presidential candidate. Delegates for that candidate and Congressional District will have the opportunity to read your resume before the Caucuses begin.
  • You will make a one-minute or less spoken presentation to your Caucus. If you are more comfortable reading a statement, one minute is about 150-170 words.
  • If you cannot attend the District Caucus, you may run for delegate instead by submitting your request and qualifications in writing to the District Chair by midnight Friday 4/15 [email, subject line: Application for Election as Delegate].  The Chair will read your letter to the delegates. It cannot be longer than 1 minute, which is approximately 150-170 words.

What are the Caucus Rules:

A copy of the Rules will be sent to all delegates and alternates along with the final Agenda before the Caucus. Please bring your copy of the Rules and Final Agenda to the Caucus.

Our Rules will set a requested registration fee of $10 for each seated delegate or alternate, and possibly from persons who are not delegates or alternates who seek election to the CD Caucus and State Convention.  Inability to pay the requested fee will not prevent you from attending the caucus or being considered for election.  Proceeds from the fee will replenish the 48th District Democrats’ “war chest” for 2016 political campaigns and contributions to candidates, which was eliminated by the high cost of the precinct and district caucuses this year.

How many delegates does the 48th District elect:

Our Bellevue precincts are in the constituency of the 9th Congressional District. Redmond, Kirkland, Clyde Hill, Medina, Hunts Point, and Yarrow Bay precincts are in the 1st Congressional District.  The 48th District actually will conduct a separate Caucus for the delegates from each CD after the initial Plenary (entire group) business.

CD 9: We have been allocated 6 female delegate positions and 6 male delegate positions. Also we have 3 female alternates and 3 male alternates.

CD 1: We have been allocated 8 female delegate positions and 8 male delegate positions. Also we have 4 male alternates and 4 female alternates to elect.

You will vote for an equal number of male and female delegates and alternates in your CD and candidate caucus.

FAQ: We will not know until the elections occur how the delegates will be split between the Presidential candidates. The guidelines for the elections required by the State Party will be incorporated into the District Caucus Rules after we have them completed for distribution in an email no later than Friday morning.


1:00    Doors open for Registration (Sign-in tables, alphabetic lines).  We are hoping to have a paperless registration; the amount of information required from delegates by the State Party may prevent this.


Call to Order by Phil Kouse, 48th District Democrats’ Chair.

Pledge of Allegiance

Address by Jaxon Ravens, WSDCC Chair

Greetings by State Senator Cyrus Habib and State Representatives Joan McBride and Patty Kuderer

Election of Phil Kouse (LD Chair) to chair 1st CD Delegates’ Caucus and Becky Lewis (LD State Committee Woman) to chair 9th CD Delegates’ Caucus

Appointment of Caucus Officers by the Chairs

Credentials Report for each CD: A) Seating Alternates B) Challenges (REGISTRATION CLOSES)

Adoption of the Agenda and Rules


Election of delegates

Official registration forms to newly elected delegates

No Platform or Resolutions—already submitted for King County Convention 5/1 at the Precinct Caucuses

Good of the Order

Adjournment—No later than 5 PM


FAQs about the 4/17 District Caucus

Video introduction to 48th District caucuses

My precinct elected me to be a delegate/alternate but I have not heard anything more yet. Is that a problem?

No. The State party has provided a partial list of delegates, who will be notified by email (if known) or snail mail (if only residential address is known) as soon as possible this weekend. The remainder will be notified Monday evening by email or by snail mail posted Tuesday after the list is provided by the State Monday.

The King County Democratic Party will notify you later about the County Convention at 1:00 on May 1.

Where is the District Caucus?

1:00 Sunday 4/17 at Spirit Ridge School, 16401 SE 24th St., Bellevue. Registration procedures are still being determined but in general, delegates will sign in and enter the meeting hall and alternates will wait in a holding area until needed or dismissed.

What will happen there?

We are excited that State Democratic Party Chair Jaxon Ravens is planning to address 48th LD delegates. The 48th Legislative District spans the 1st and 9th Congressional Districts, so after a general meeting we will divide into separate caucuses to elect LD delegates to the 1st and 9th Congressional District caucuses on May 21.  LD and County delegates to the CD caucuses and delegates to the State Democratic Convention on June 17-19 will elect the delegates to the National Convention in Philadelphia on July 25-28.

Any Democrat can run to be a delegate to any of these caucuses or conventions, regardless of whether they were elected as a delegate at an earlier stage.

For more information or to get an application to run for delegate to the National Convention, check the State Party website here.

Do I need the delegate or alternate certification slip given out at the Precinct Caucuses?

Some got these and some did not. The main purpose was to notify you of dates of the District Caucus and County Convention to which you were elected. If you have one bring it but it is not required to be seated.

I am an alternate. How will I know if I am needed in my precinct’s delegation?

There really is no way for us to know in advance whose services will be needed until the call to seat alternates during the caucus itself.  If your services are not needed after that, you will be free to leave.

Will it be as chaotic as the Precinct Caucuses?

We have about 1200 delegates and alternates to register in order to finally seat 599 voting delegates, and we have very little time and few experienced persons to plan and organize this task, so there will be some bumps in the road. The last time we did it on this scale was 2008, when the Democratic nomination was hotly contested between Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton.

Is there a registration fee?

Yes. The State Party has authorized Districts to require a registration fee from each delegate.  The registration fee for 48th District delegates or alternates seated in place of a delegate will be $10. If you share our vision of grassroots activism, you also are invited to join and become active in the 48th District Democrats. For more information, see the pull down menu bar above.

–This information is up to date as of 3 PM Saturday, 4/9. Phil Kouse, Chair. It corrects previous information which was in error.



48th District Precinct Caucus results 3/26/16

Total caucus attendance in the 48th Legislative District today: 5401.

LD/County Caucuses Delegates allotted to 48th LD: 609.  Delegates elected: 599.

Delegates committed to Clinton: 231.  Delegates committed to Sanders: 368.

Here are the delegates elected by area (sites are school unless otherwise noted):

Spirit Ridge (Bellevue)  20 precincts/556 attending     Clinton 28     Sanders 31

Lakeview (Kirkland)       24 precincts/778 attending     Clinton 37     Sanders 54

Tillicum (Bellevue)          20 precincts/555 attending     Clinton 22     Sanders 41

Ben Franklin (Kirkland) 21 precincts/716 attending     Clinton 32     Sanders 50

Sherwood Forest (Bellevue) 23 pcts/653 attending       Clinton 23     Sanders 50

Medina (Bellevue)            23 precincts/586 attending     Clinton 41     Sanders 30

Redmond Senior Center 22 precincts/784 attending    Clinton 24     Sanders 61

Redmond Community Center 21 pcts/773 attending     Clinton 24     Sanders 51

Delegates and alternates go to the 48th Legislative District Caucus at 1:00 PM Sunday, April 17, at Spirit Ridge School, Bellevue; and to the King County Convention at 1:00 PM Sunday, May 1 (location to be announced).  Delegates will receive personal invitations and information by mail.  Voters and others who wish to attend to observe should watch here or our newsletter for more information.

The process of progressively electing delegates moves through through the Congressional District Caucuses Saturday, May 21, and the Washington State Democratic Convention 6/17-18 at which delegates will be selected to the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia July 25-28.  The 48th LD spans both the 1st and 9th Congressional Districts so splits our delegates for each candidate between the two Congressional District Caucuses.


Precinct Caucuses Saturday 3/26

On March 26th, Washington state Democrats will gather together to choose our delegates for the Democratic National Convention and make our preference for the next President of the United States. Here is a step by step guide on what will happen on caucus day.

Persons who cannot attend for reasons of religious observance, work, disability, military service or health may submit a surrogate affidavit form to the Washington State Democratic Central Committee before March 18.  Surrogate Affidavit Form

1.  SIGN IN: If you have pre-registered, you can skip this step. Sign-in begins at 10 AM.

2.  GATHER: The precincts will gather.  After opening ceremonies by the Area Caucus Coordinator, the Precinct Committee Officers or caucus chairs which will be selected in their absence will explain the rules. A secretary and ballot counters will be selected.

3.  TALLY: After your sign-in sheets are completed and assembled, the first tally is counted and announced.

4.  DISCUSS: Caucus goers supporting Presidential candidates can give a quick pitch to undecided voters and try to sway caucusers to their side.

5. SECOND TALLY: A second tally is counted.

6. DELEGATES: Using the results of the second tally, delegates are allotted to each candidate, and each group of caucus goers choose their delegates.

7. CLOSING: There is discussion of resolutions for the State Convention in June, and the results of the precinct caucus are sent to the state party.

Quick Links:

Video Intro to 48th LD Caucuses

Find your precinct, caucus location, or preregister

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Be A Delegate Video

Delegate Selection Plan

2016 Caucus and Convention Guide



Wednesday 2/17, mock precinct caucuses

2/17 Wednesday: 48th District Democrats meeting and PRACTICE PRECINCT CAUCUSES. 7 PM at Northwest Arts Center, 9825 NE 24th St., Bellevue.  Also a special program by Teamsters Union political director Dustin Lambro, “Big Money and the War on the Middle Class.”

3/5 Saturday: Precinct Caucus Site Leaders training and orientation for the designated persons.

3/16 Wednesday: 48th District Democrats meeting and PRACTICE PRECINCT CAUCUSES at the Northwest Arts Center.  Time will be provided afterwards for Area Cite Leaders to meet with their teams and PCOs.

3/26 Saturday at 10 AM: Democratic Precinct Caucuses at 9 locations throughout the District.  A link will be posted here soon with the locations and precincts meeting at each location.

4/17 Sunday at 1 PM: 48th Legislative District Caucus at Spiritridge Elementary School, 16401 SE 24th St., Bellevue 98008.

5/1 Sunday at 1 PM: King County Convention. Location to be announced.

5/21 Saturday: 1st and 9th Congressional District Caucuses at time and places to be announced.