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Procedures for Candidate Endorsements Monday, May 18

By Phil Kouse, Chair.

Here is the 48th LD procedure for endorsements for the 2015 primary election.

Our first round of endorsements will occur on Monday evening, May 18, rescheduled from our regular Wednesday May 20 meeting night to accommodate the Board of Elections publication schedule.

Our Bylaws require that a candidate or representative must have appeared at a meeting at least one month before our May endorsement meeting to request our endorsement. Candidates or their proxies appearing May 18 and requesting our endorsement for the first time may be considered for endorsement at our June meeting.

Our Executive Board requests that candidates submit copies of their King County Democratic Central Committee questionnaire and of a questionnaire submitted to a labor council or union, or explanation why no labor endorsement was sought. These should be sent at least five days in advance to, subject line “Endorsements.”

The 41st LD also is considering endorsements on May 18. 41st Chair Karol Brown and I have agreed that candidates for endorsements of both LD’s should appear first at the meeting of the 41st LD and then at the 48th about 8:15.  Candidates for Redmond and Kirkland Councils or any other offices not sharing judicatories with the 41st will be considered earlier in our meeting.

If your campaign has any questions, please contact me at (425)533-3385.

Reorganization Meeting Agenda for 1/14

7 PM January 14 (Second Wednesday)

Northwest Arts Center

9825 NE 24th Street, Bellevue

Call to Order by Temporary Meeting Chair

  • Rich Erwin (KCDCC Chair), Roger Crew, and Steve Kasner from King County Democrats board, officiating.

Flag Salute

Appointment of Secretary, Parliamentarian, Sergeant at Arms and Tally Committee

Credentials Report

Adoption of Agenda and Meeting Rules

Adoption of District Organization Bylaws and Standing Rules

Election of District Chair

Appointment of District Credentials Committee

Election of All Other District Officers

  • District Credentials Report regarding non-PCO members
  • Officers elected only by elected PCOs: First Vice Chair,WSDCC and KCDCC committee persons and KCDCC alternates.
  • Officers elected by all members in good standing: Second and Third Vice Chairs, Treasurer, Communications Director.

Approval of PCO Applications

Old Business

New Business

  • Appointment of Standing Committee(s)
  • 2015 Budget

Good of the Order


US Reps Smith and DelBene at 4/16 LD meeting

U.S. Representatives Adam Smith (9th CD) and U.S. Representatives Suzan DelBene were scheduled to attend.  Congressman Smith will leave early for an appearance at the 41st LD meeting. (Click on the red ball above right for the pull-down menu with meeting time and place, etc.)
  1. Congressional Updates and Q&A, Representatives Smith and DelBene.
  2. Campaign update:  Joan McBride for State Senate
  3. Other candidate/organization courtesies
  4. Treasurer’s report
  5. Report of LD Chair Phil Kouse deferred from last meeting
  6. Convene brief special session of LD Caucus to receive report on specific resolutions referred to Caucus Resolution Committee to be put into final form, and to determine whether to refer them to the State Convention with or without our recommendation to pass the resolutions.
  7. Courtesies for candidates/organizational reps arriving from other LD meetings
  8. Good of the Order:  Vice Chair Virginia Rogalsky re: Cinco de Mayo Party; Vice Chair Karen Tennyson re: special May meeting PCO Votebuilder training. Others from floor.

October 16 LD meeting agenda

The October membership meeting will be Wednesday 10/16, 7:00 at the Northwest Arts Center, 9825 NE 24th St., Bellevue.
  • Courtesies
  • Washington Work and Family Coalition presentation re: family and medical leave
  • New and tabled endorsements  [Bylaw:  “At any meeting at which endorsements have been given as an item for the agenda, the membership may endorse candidates for elected office or for ballot propositions.”  Article XII.Section 1]
  • Presentation by Parliamentarian John Elsbree
  • Reports by Treasurer and Chair (with Q&A)
  • Good of the Order and Adjournment

July 17 Meeting Agenda: Legislative Update/Wrapup

State Legislators Ross Hunter and Cyrus Habib and State Senator Rodney Tom will wrap up the 2013 legislative session for us at our July membership meeting from 7-9 PM, Wednesday July 17 at the Northwest Arts Center, 9825 NE 24th Street, Bellevue.  Here is the agenda announced by Phil Kouse, Chair:

Presentations by candidates, issues and organizations.

  • Dow Constantine, incumbent candidate for King County Executive.
  • Other candidates who attend may make presentations, but there will be no Q&A at this meeting due to the amount of time devoted to it at our June endorsement meeting.
Officer’s Reports

Legislative Wrap-up:  Representatives Ross Hunter and Cyrus Habib and State Senator Rodney Tom

New Business:  Consideration of donation to King County Democrats for 2013

2/20 Business meeting report

Business Meeting Highlights
  • Passed an austerity budget of $1951.59 with no funds for campaigns unless we plan district fundraisers.  (Funds from the 2012 Eastside Dinner normally reserved for the next year’s budget were not reserved for this year, but spent on 2012 general election campaigns.)
  • Approved William Wurtz as an appointed PCO and Santiago Ramos prospectively as acting PCO, approval by chair pending selection of a precinct by Santiago and 2nd Vice Chair Linda Seltzer.  (Our apologies to William, whose last name was mispelled in the newsletter.)
  • Elected Craig ZumBrunnen as male alternate to King County Democratic Central Committee.  Election and appointment of representatives to various KC committees deferred until after KCDCC considers proposed Bylaw changes affecting committee compositions.

No meeting Wednesday January 18

There is no meeting Wednesday, January 18, 2013, as regularly scheduled, due to the number of members attending the inaugural activities for Gov. Jay Inslee.  Our bienniel reorganization meeting originally scheduled for the third Wednesday of January was rescheduled to last week to allow our members to attend the inaugural ball.

If you are new to the 48th LD, we invite you to follow this website or write to us at to request inclusion on our regular mailing list to be notified of meeting changes and to receive our newsletters and other informative updates 3-5 times per month.

If you did receive notice of the change, but it was not clear the our reorganizational meeting was a not special meeting in addition to the regular monthly meeting tonight, but replaced tonight’s meeting, we apologize for any inconvenience.  Please enjoy your unexpected free evening!