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Rules Committee: Kickoff and Planning Meeting

The Rules Committee will be holding its first official meeting next Thursday in order to review potential rules changes, elect a permanent Vice Chair, and discuss the process for creating and submitting Resolutions.
Kirkland Library – Large Meeting Room
Thursday, February 23, 6:30 PM


6:30 PM – Introductions

6:40 PM – Election of committee Vice Chair

7:00 PM – Committee Process

  • Forming schedule for February and March
  • Determining steps for district outreach

7:30 PM – Discussion of potential Rule Changes

  • Review of proposed bylaw amendments
  • Discussion of potential changes to our district’s standing rules
  • Brainstorming and Feedback Solicitation

8:20 PM – Resolutions Discusion

  • Review of King County Democrats’ resolution procedures
  • Discussion of Rules Committee’s role in reviewing district resolutions

While the Rules Committee’s membership is fixed, any Democrat in the 48th District is more tan welcome to attend and participate in discussion: Please attend with your feedback and ideas!

Kyle Keraga
Rules Committee Chair

48th LD Bylaws: Final Draft

Friends and fellow Democrats,

Here (bylaws-of-the-48th-district-democrats) you will find the final proposal of the Rules Committee for the 2017 Reorganization Meeting on January 18th.
I want to thank all of the hardworking members of the Rules Committee for their time and energy in developing this recommendation, as well as all of our PCOs and members who contributed their valuable ideas to this document and this process. The proposal, listed below, is an evolution of last week’s first draft following the feedback, suggestions, and ideas of our many district members.
At this stage, the proposal itself can be considered final.  However, we will continue to accept feedback from district members, and are willing to work with any member on crafting well-worded amendments that may be considered from the floor.
Please contact the Rules Committee at with any questions or feedback. You may also reach me directly at

Kyle Keraga
Rules Committee Chair
PCO 48-2967
48th District Democrats

Rules Committee: Bylaws First Draft

Friends and fellow Democrats,

Happy New Year!

The Rules Committee has been hard at work over the holidays, preparing new bylaws for our biennial Reorganization Meeting on January 18th.  On behalf of the committee, it is my pleasure to disclose the first draft of those bylaws, and to open the door for public feedback and comment:

Proposed Bylaws – First Draft

Please send your thoughts and suggestions to for review.  All feedback will be given full consideration by the committee.

These bylaws were written following the excellent ideas we have received from district membership.  You may find descriptions of all major changes in the comments – simply click on highlighted text, and the corresponding comment will appear to the right of your screen.
As the holiday season necessitated more time to develop these bylaws than we had originally anticipated, we are extending our feedback deadline until January 10th.  At that time, the committee will be distributing a final proposal to the body.  However, we will continue to hear any district members who have feedback and concerns, which may be eligible for consideration as amendments to the bylaws proposal.
Thank you once more for your time,
Kyle Keraga
Rules Committee Chair
48th District Democrats

Rules Committee Updates

The Rules Committee met for the first time on December 10th to discuss early topics and finalize our schedule for drafting bylaw changes.  With exactly one month before the January reorganization, we have two important updates to announce:

(1) Deadline for feedback:
We will continue soliciting feedback and suggestions until January 4th.

(2) Draft changes on the way:

Our committee will be publishing an early draft of our proposed bylaws by December 28th.

  • At this time, you’ll be able to view the nature and language of all proposed changes.

  • We will also be providing specific comments and reasoning behind each proposed change.  

This draft will remain open to feedback until the January 4th deadline.  On that date, our committee will be finalizing its recommendation to the body in order to give the membership two weeks to review and form opinions. However, we will continue to hear any district members who have feedback and concerns, which may be eligible for consideration as amendments to the bylaws proposal.

Any questions? You may reach me at, or through the Rules Committee address provided above.

Kyle Keraga Rules Committee Chair

Bylaws Revisions – Executive Board meeting January 6

It was decided at the December special meeting to complete revision of the Bylaws and Special Rules of Order in preparation for our Reorganization Meeting (January 14) at our Executive Board meeting. The Board meeting will be 7 PM January 6, at the home of 2nd Vice Chair Karen Tennyson.

Only those sections not already finalized on December 10 will be reviewed.  If you are not a Board member and wish to attend, contact Karen to r.s.v.p. and get the address and directions at

The text of the proposed revised Bylaws and new standing rules can be viewed and copied HERE.  (Note: a new draft was uploaded at about 10:30 PM on January 2.) Please print your own copy to bring to the meeting.

12/10 Special Meeting–Ross on the State Budget and the Bylaws revision

A.special meeting has been called for the second Wednesday of December 12/10 replacing our November meeting, which was cancelled to allow PCOs to attend a general Eastside meeting to hear candidates for chair of King County Democrats. The meeting will be at the usual time and meeting place, 7 PM at the Northwest Arts Center in Bellevue. Our annual holiday party will be the third Wednesday at the Lewis home (watch for details).

State Rep. Ross Hunter, undoubtedly the Legislature’s leading authority on.the State budget, will discuss the budget in detail, including slides with graphs and charts.  This program will be from 7-8 PM.

Those who wish to review and provide feedback to the Bylaws Revision Committee will meet from 8-9 PM for a less formal discussion meeting to review proposed changes to the Bylaws and newly created Standing Rules (user-friendly term coined by John Elsbree is “Special Rules of Order”).  John Elsbree, Craig ZumBrunnen, and Phil Kouse will use feedback from this discussion to compose a final draft for adoption at our biennial Reorganization Meeting on the second Wednesday in January 1/14/15.

To read the Bylaws presently in effect pull down the “Bylaws” page from the menu bar above.  For a summary of the changes along with a draft of the revised Bylaws and new Special Rules of Order (standing rules in parliamentary-speak), pull down the “Proposed New Bylaws” menu page.

Our Bylaws

Bylaws for the 48th Legislative District Democrats 2011

PREAMBLE: The 48th District Democrats serves as the official organization of the Democratic Party of the State of Washington for the 48th Legislative District. This organization is dedicated to increasing citizen interest in government at all levels and encouraging Democrats to seek and serve in elective public office in local, state, and national governments. The goal of this organization is to articulate the principles of the Democratic Party and to work to have these principles enacted as public policy by our elected and appointed governmental bodies.

The name of this organization shall be the 48th District Democrats.

King County Democratic Central Committee (KCDCC), National Party rules and bylaws, and the State Constitution and statutes.

Section 1. It shall be the policy of this organization to contribute to the growth, development and influence of the Democratic Party and to increase Party responsibility by guaranteeing maximum participation, equal representation and equal treatment of all.

Section 2. This organization shall support the platform of the Democratic Party and those candidates who, by their records and reputations, are in general agreement with the platform and who have been endorsed by this organization.


Section 1. All 48th District Democratic Precinct Committee Officers (PCOs), whether elected, appointed or acting shall be members of this organization. Although not required to pay dues under King County Democratic Party rules, Precinct Committee Officers, whether elected, appointed, or acting, shall be encouraged to be voluntary dues.

Section 2. Any registered voter in the 48th District who declares to be a Democrat, who fills out a membership form, and who agrees to have his or her name published as a Democrat shall be eligible for full membership in this organizations Any other person who declares to be a Democrat shall be eligible for non-voting membership in this organization.

Section 3. This organization may set membership dues not to exceed an amount reasonably affordable by all income levels. All members in this organization will be encouraged to pay annual dues. Members who are not PCOs must have completed the membership/dues form and paid dues thirty (30) days prior to granting voting privileges to such members. Non-payment of dues shall not be a limiting factor on the membership of any PCO, nor shall it be a bar to membership to any otherwise qualified person who files a statement with the Chair requesting waiver of dues for this reason.

Section 4. A member in good standing shall be any PCO or any other member who meets the conditions of Sections 2 and 3 of this Article.


Section 1. PCOs shall be elected pursuant to the applicable State laws or appointed by the procedures provided by State law and the KCDCC.

Section 2. The 48th District Chair, in order to ensure that tasks regularly done by PCOs are performed in a precinct where no PCO has been elected or duly appointed, may name a member not resident in such a precinct to serve as Acting PCO until such time as a PCO is appointed or elected for that precinct.


Section 1. The 48th District Democrats shall hold regular monthly meetings. A meeting for any month may be cancelled only by a vote of the body at the previous monthly meeting.

Section 2. The regular meeting of the 48th District Democrats shall be on the third Wednesday of each month, but if in any month that day is impractical as a meeting day the Chair shall fix the time and place of the meeting and cause all members to be notified thereof.

Section 3. Special meetings may be called by the Chair, provided that reasonable notice is made to all members. Special meetings may also be called by petition of a majority of the members in good standing or by petition of all members of the Executive Committee excluding the Chair.

Section 4. All official business of the 48th District Democrats must be completed at a regular or special meeting. In addition, meetings will serve as a forum where free and open discussion of political ideas and issues will be encouraged. If necessary, the Chair may impose reasonable rules of formal debate to facilitate discussion.

Section 5. Meetings shall be held in conformity with the current edition of Robert’s Rules of Order, except as otherwise provided by these bylaws and any other rules adopted by the organization.

Section 6. A quorum for any meeting shall consist of 40% of the members signing in at that meeting. No special quorum of elected and appointed PCOs shall be required for any matter on which only they qualify to vote.

Section 7. Notice of regular meetings shall be mailed to all members at least seven days in advance of the meeting. The notice shall include the time and place of the meeting, the proposed meeting agenda, and any other matter requiring special notice, such as the removal or replacement of officers.


Section 1. Voting privileges on all business that comes before the organization shall be extended to all members in good standing except that, pursuant to state law, only elected or duly appointed PCOs may vote on the following:

a. Election or removal of the Chair, Vice Chairs, Delegates or Alternates to the KCDCC, and members of the State Central Committee;

b. Adoption of or amendment to these bylaws; and

c. Filling legislative vacancies or other functions specifically delegated by the State or County Democratic Party.

Section 2. Formal nominations shall be made from the floor. A person who is unable to attend an election meeting may announce their candidacy with a written statement delivered to the Chair to be read at the meeting. Any person eligible to hold an office may be nominated by any Democrat, including him- or herself.

Section 3. If a division is called for after any vote, voting shall be by show of hands, standing, or by a signed ballot.

Section 4. The nominations and elections for each office shall be held one at a time. Each nomination may take no more than five minutes, including the candidate’s speech or a statement on his or her behalf if the candidate is not present.

Section 5. All officers shall be elected by a majority of eligible voters present and voting. In the event that no person receives a majority on the first ballot, the person receiving the least number of votes shall be eliminated and another vote taken. On each succeeding vote the same rule shall apply until one person receives the majority for that position.

Section 6. All elections for officers shall be by written ballot except in uncontested elections.


Section 1. Only elected or duly appointed PCOs may be elected to the following offices: Chair, Vice Chairs, and the Delegates and Alternates to the KCDCC. All members in good standing are eligible for all other offices.

Section 2. The duties of the officers shall be as follows:
a. The Chair shall be the executive officer of the organization and be the presiding officer at all its meetings.
b. The First Vice Chair shall serve in the absence of the Chair, and shall coordinate the organization’s events and fundraising activities.
c. The Second Vice Chair shall recruit, retain and train precinct committee officers in the district.
d. The Third Vice Chair shall recruit members and maintain membership records.
e. The Treasurer shall receive and dispurse funds of the organization, prepare a financial report for each regular meeting of the organization, and file such public disclosure reports as required by State Law.
f. The Communications Director shall manage communications among members, maintain technology to facilitate such communications, keep minutes of all meetings, and maintain all records of the organization except as assigned to other officers.

Section 3. The Chair may appoint a Parliamentarian, Sergeant-at-Arms, and an Editor of the newsletter.

Section 4. The Chair may from time to time delegate other duties to each or all of the other officers.

Section 5. The organization may from time to time establish other elective offices to perform specific responsibilities. Such offices shall not automatically continue past the reorganization meeting in January of the next odd-numbered year.


At any regular meeting, by a vote of 2/3 of the members eligible to vote for the office present and voting, the organization may remove any elected officer. Such officer shall be given seven days written notice of the intent to consider the proposed removal. Such notice shall be made by the member intending to bring the matter to the floor. Notice of the proposed removal shall be included in the notice of the regular meeting.


Section 1. All officers shall serve until their successors are elected at the District reorganizing meeting held in January of each odd-numbered year.

Section 2. In the event of a vacancy in any elected office occurring after the District reorganizing meeting, an election shall be held to fill such vacancy at the next regular meeting provided that the notice of the election is published in the notice of the meeting.


Section 1. The Executive Board (EB) shall consist of all the elected officers of this organization. It may also include as non-voting members the chairpersons of all committees and the editor of the newsletter.

Section 2. The EB shall meet every month at the call of the Chair. Notice of such meetings shall be published in the newsletter. In urgent situations, special meetings may be called by the chair upon notice to all EB members. EB meetings shall be open to the membership of the organization. Minutes of all EB meetings shall be made available to the members at the next meeting of the organization.

Section 3. The EB may, in urgent situations, take any actions appropriate to the full organization, except for the election or removal of officers, provided that any such action be ratified or rescinded by the organization at its next meeting. Any such action shall be included in the agenda published in the notice of the next meeting.


Section 1. The Chair may establish committees and designate the chair and members thereof with the concurrence of the organization.

Section 2. All resolutions and motions not pertaining to organizational business must be presented to the Chair in written form prior to their introduction from the floor.


Section 1. At any meeting at which endorsements have been given as an item for the agenda, the membership may endorse candidates for elected office or for ballot issue propositions.

Section 2. The EB may make recommendations to the membership for endorsements. Any such recommendations shall be considered prior to any other motions to endorse.

Section 3. Endorsements may be single or multiple for the same office. Endorsements may be made in non-partisan races, provided that persons with affiliations with any other party shall not be considered for endorsement.

Section 4. Endorsements for elective office shall not be made prior to the closing of filing for that office. After filing and before the primary election, endorsements require a 2/3 affirmative vote of members present and voting. After the primary election, endorsements may be made by a simple majority of members present and voting.


Section 1. No money shall be paid from the funds of the organization except by check signed by two officers. The Treasurer, the Chair, and one other officer are authorized to register with the bank to sign checks.

Section 2. The following expenditures may be authorized by the Chair so long as they are reported at the next regular meeting:

a. Routine expenditures in connection with District meetings (e.g., hall rentals) or the newsletter; and

b. Necessary expenditures in conjunction with fundraising activities or special events that have been authorized by the membership.

Section 3. All other expenditures, including contributions to candidates, causes, or affiliated organizations must be approved by the membership at a District meeting.

Section 4. The EB of the membership may require that the organization books be audited.


These bylaws shall function continuously and may be amended by a 2/3 vote of the elected and duly appointed PCOs at any District meeting, provided that notice of each proposed amendment was published in the notice of the meeting.