48th District Democrats
2018 Legislative District Caucus
As proposed by the Caucus Rules Committee


  1. Governing Document
  2. Parliamentary Authority and Special Rules of Order
  3. Business of Caucus
  4. Eligibility
  5. Caucus Officers
  6. Eligibility and Nomination of Candidates for Delegates and Alternates
  7. Voting for Delegates and Alternates
  8. Tally Procedures for Elections of Delegates and Alternates
  9. Adoption of Platform
  10. Adoption of Resolutions

A. Governing Document
The 2018 Legislative District Caucus of the 48th District Democrats (the “Caucus”) shall be conducted in accordance with the Washington State Democratic Party’s “Washington State Delegate Selection and Affirmative Action Plan – 2018” (the “Plan”).

B. Parliamentary Authority and Special Rules of Order
The rules contained in the current edition of Robert’s Rules of Order Newly Revised shall govern the Caucus in all cases to which they are applicable and in which they are not inconsistent with these rules.

At the discretion of the Permanent Caucus Chair, consideration of the platform or resolutions may commence without suspension of the rules.

The motion “to table” shall be out of order at all times.

The Unit Rule shall not be permitted at any time.

Proxy voting shall not be allowed.

A quorum for the Caucus or shall consist of thirty percent (30%) of participants per the final credentials report.

C. Business of Caucus
Pursuant to section V.A of the Plan: “The principal business of the Legislative District Caucuses shall be the election of delegates and alternates to the 2018 Democratic State Convention and selection of nominees for partisan office, as required. … Legislative District Caucuses are also encouraged to adopt platforms.”

D. Eligibility
A Credentials Committee, appointed by the Executive Board of the 48th District Democrats, shall verify the eligibility of each individual attending the meeting and shall issue voting credentials to those eligible to vote. Eligibility is defined in section IV.B of the Plan. Specifically: To vote, an individual must be a resident, Registered Voter in the 48th Legislative District and sign a registration sheet stating that the individual is a Democrat, and agrees to recordation of and public display of their attendance at the Caucus. Section I.F of the plan defines a Registered Voter as including “all registered voters and any 17 year old who will be eligible to vote on November 6, 2018.”

The Chair of the Credentials Committee shall present the report of the Credentials Committee, which shall include the following:

  • The total number of Registered voters registered and seated at the time the report is given.
  • Presentation of challenged voters wishing to be seated by the Caucus as a whole, proceeding in alphabetic order until all challenges are resolved. If the challenged voter is not sustained, they shall be ineligible to vote or be elected as a State Delegate or Alternate. A challenged voter may not vote on the question of their own challenge.

The final credentials report shall be adopted prior to the conduct of any other official business, but no earlier than 11:00 AM.

Any challenges to the eligibility of individuals to participate shall be heard and resolved by the Credentials Committee in accordance with Appendix C of the Plan.

E. Caucus Officers
The Caucus shall be convened by a Temporary Chair, appointed by the Executive Board of the 48th District Democrats. The Temporary Chair shall appoint a temporary Secretary, Parliamentarian, and Sergeant-at-arms.

Following adoption of these rules, the Temporary Chair shall conduct an election for a Permanent Chair of the Caucus. Election of the Permanent Chair shall require a majority vote.

The Permanent Chair shall appoint a permanent Secretary, Parliamentarian, Sergeant-at-arms, Tally Clerk, and any other officers deemed necessary to conduct the business of the Caucus.

F. Eligibility and Nomination of Candidates for Delegates and Alternates
Pursuant to Appendix B of the Plan, the Caucus shall elect nine (9) Delegates and five (5) Alternates to the State Party Convention.

Pursuant to Section IV.C of the Plan, all candidates for Delegate or Alternate must be Registered Voters in the 48th Legislative District.

A candidate who is not present must signify in advance, individually in writing, willingness to serve if elected, willingness to be publicly identified as a Democrat, and self-identification as a Democrat. Said letter or email shall be delivered or emailed to the Chair of the 48th District Democrats ( prior to the Caucus, or hand-delivered to the Chair at the Caucus. The letter shall be read at the Caucus by the Chair and shall constitute a nomination.

Following the close of nominations, each candidate present shall be given an opportunity to address the Caucus. The Chair may impose a uniform time limit on said speeches.

G. Voting for Delegates and Alternates
The election of Delegates shall be conducted first. After the results of the election of Delegates are announced, a separate election for Alternates shall be conducted. All Delegate candidates not elected shall be automatically nominated as Alternate candidates.

Pursuant to Section IV.D of the Plan, voting for Delegates and Alternates shall be by written ballot. A ballot to be counted must have all positions filled with no duplications. The vote shall not be weighted. The Chair shall give clear notice to participants that they must vote for the allotted number of candidates. The Chair must give adequate time to do so and ask voters to check ballots before turning them in.

H. Tally Procedures for Elections of Delegates and Alternates
Pursuant to Section V.E of the Plan, the following procedure shall be followed for each election of Delegates or Alternates. (The number “N” in the following instructions shall be nine (9) for the Delegates election and five (5) for the Alternates election.)

  1. Ballots not containing exactly N votes are deemed invalid and shall not be counted.
  2. From among the valid ballots, tally the number of votes received by each candidate.
  3. Sort all of the candidates into a Master List, ordered from most votes to fewest votes.
  4. Prepare a separate Top N list by copying the first N candidates from the Master List.
  5. If number of male candidates and female candidates (ignoring any non-binary individuals) in the Top N list differs by more than one, modify the Top N list as follows:
  6. Remove the candidate of the over-represented gender having the fewest votes, and replace them with the next available candidate of the opposite gender from the master list.
  7. Repeat step 5 as necessary, until the number of male and female candidates in the Top N list differs by no more than one.

The final Top N list identifies the candidates who have won election.

Any tied vote counts affecting these procedures shall be resolved by lot.

I. Adoption of Platform
The Caucus may adopt a platform for the Legislative District. A Caucus Platform and Resolutions Committee, appointed by the Executive Board of the 48th District Democrats, shall draft and publish a proposed platform document at least seven (7) days prior to the Caucus. Credentialed participants at the Caucus may move amendments to the platform prior to its adoption.

J. Adoption of Resolutions
The Caucus may adopt resolutions, with the intent of forwarding said resolutions to the King County Convention to be held on April 22, 2018.

A resolution may be submitted for consideration in writing or via email to the Chair of the 48th District Democrats ( no later than 11:59 PM on March 21, 2018.

A resolution may instead be moved from the floor at the Caucus, provided that:

  1. Fifty (50) printed copies of the resolution are provided for the benefit of Caucus voters.
  2. The proposed resolution is accompanied by signatures of twenty-five (25) credentialed caucus voters, or a majority of the credentialed caucus voters, whichever is less.

Any resolution, whether submitted in advance or moved from the floor, shall conform to the King County Democratic Central Committee “Rules for Submitting Resolutions”, Part II . A proposed resolution not in compliance with these rules may be subject to editing by the Caucus Platform and Resolutions Committee, or may be ruled out of order.

Any submitted resolution not considered by the Caucus shall be referred to the next meeting of the 48th District Democrats.