Proposed Platform Statement


All peoples have a code of ethics. Stating that code clearly is essential to working with others; left unstated leads to misunderstandings and errors that might otherwise be avoided. It is especially important to state this code for political organizations that we might promote our goals for the general good.

Such a code is often a work in progress, polished and refined over time and hopefully improved. From this base can then be developed a code of conduct, then behaviors and practices that are consistent and transmittable.

48th LD Code of Ethics (Proposed)

 1. We Welcome

  • All Races and Ethnicities
  • All Religions and Creeds
  • All Gender Identities
  • All Countries of Origin
  • All Sexual Orientations
  • All Immigrants and Refugees
  • All Abilities and Disabilities
  • All spoken and signed languages
  • Everyone

2. We uphold objective truth and evidence, and strive to improve our views based on new or superior evidence.

3. We value honesty and integrity as fundamental to any functioning society.

4. We uphold the Constitution of the United States and the Bill of Rights. We uphold the Constitution of the State of Washington and the ideals declared within these documents.

5. We respect others, in agreement and disagreement.

6. We strive to improve ourselves, our neighborhood, our country and our world.