Join Our Mailing List

WELCOME to the LD 48 Democrats communications page. We encourage our guests, elected officials, ballot initiative staff, and all of our members to choose how you want to communicate with LD 48 Dems. We operate on an opt-in model so you control what email lists you want to subscribe too.


NOTE: We ask for your precinct number and congressional district during sign-up which you can find using the district finder here.


Why do you ask for precinct and congressional district?

We are a political organization and as such, we need to be able to organize and mobilize voters quickly – by providing this information we are better able to serve the needs of the voters in our area.

How frequently do emails go out?

Each of these lists has a different frequency so our members and guests can opt-in for how much email communication they want from our organization.

These membership update lists are for public updates

  • Monthly Meeting Notices Only is sent 3x/mo and includes the general membership meeting and the executive meeting agenda notices per our bylaws.
  • Summer and winter parties is sent 4x/year to notify you of fun in the LD
  • All Updates is sent anywhere from 0-3/week and frequency is dependent on the workflow of the general membership and upcoming activities. This list includes the monthly updates, the party updates, and other as needed communications.

These lists are for the committee meeting updates and managed by the committee chair – with frequency dependent on the workflow of the committee. (so anywhere from 0-3/week)

  • Communications, Diversity Outreach, Events & Fundraising, Legislative Action, Membership, Rules, Young Democrats

These lists are sent to as needed to communicate with groups who may wish to present or speak or table at an LD 48 Dems meeting or event:

  • Candidate/Staff ONLY or Ballot Initiative Staff ONLY

I am not a member of LD 48 Dems – what emails may I receive?

These membership update lists are for public updates: Monthly Meeting Notices OnlySummer and Winter parties, and All Updates.