Bellevue Endorsements

Bellevue City Council

Dexter Borbe – Position No. 2

After more than 20 years in management and strategy roles, I am now a small business owner and family man.  But Bellevue is facing critical issues in this stage of its growth; I want to work on the housing and affordability problem, address transportation issues, and work towards healthcare and accessibility for all.   I bring a combination of competence, leadership, drive, and creativity to Take Bellevue Into the Next Decade, and I would be honored to have your vote.

Ruth Lipscomb – Position No. 4

Ruth has been a community activist in Bellevue for decades. She will bring to the City Council her energy, her passion for data, her desire for smart and effective solutions, and her focus on justice. She will increase the responsiveness and accountability of the city to its residents, so everyone is listened to and welcomed as fellow decision-makers. Ruth will promote affordability for people of all ages, especially in housing. Together let’s bring a new level of leadership to Bellevue!

Bellevue School District

Joyce Shui – Position No. 3

A graduate of Harvard (A.B.) and NYU (J.D.), Joyce is mother of four committed to advancing Bellevue’s reputation for educational excellence and to increasing opportunities. Having experienced both economic privilege as an attorney and business owner and adversity as a woman of color, Joyce will advocate for equity for each and every student. As we recover from the challenges and divisions of the last year, Joyce is listening, and will lead, with empathy to help unify and heal our community.

Jane Aras – Position No. 5

After our collective trauma, our community deserves collaborative leadership to rebuild trust and unity. We need a voice for all our children that acknowledges their experiences during the pandemic. We need programs that support students’ social and emotional needs, and policies that inspire and empower. My extensive experience in education and health advocacy, data driven approach, and proven ability to collaborate with stakeholders with diverse viewpoints makes me the right person to set a new course for our district’s future.

East Bellevue Community Council

Steve Kasner – Position No. 1

As EBCC Chair, Steve worked to revitalize the Lake Hills and Kelsey Creek shopping centers.  Looking forward he will collaborate with our residents, businesses, and the city to update our Lake Hills neighborhood plan, thus ensuring responsible development which conforms to our vision for this beautiful natural area.

Chiho Lai – Position No. 5

East Bellevue is changing rapidly. We need a future that benefits EVERYONE by balancing affordability, livability, and prosperity. I’ll bring a fresh voice and energy that reflects our vibrant and diverse community, from long-time residents like myself to new families, renters, and young professionals.

 A voice that supports affordability, inclusivity, and an eye toward the future.

Proudly endorsed by Mayor Lynne Robinson, King County Council Chair Claudia Balducci, 48th LD Democrats and KC Democrats. I ask for your vote too!