Kirkland Endorsements

Kirkland City Council

Neal Black – Position No. 5

Since my election to the Kirkland City Council in 2019, I have worked hard to build a Kirkland where everyone living, working, and visiting feels safe, is afforded equal access to affordable housing and other opportunities, and most importantly, knows that they belong. If I am re-elected, I will remain committed to thoughtful and compassionate leadership, together with responsible, service-oriented decision making, which will allow us to continue our past successes and meet our ongoing challenges.

Lake Washington School District

Leah Choi – District 3

Every child deserves the opportunity to benefit from an excellent public education.  I am running for Lake Washington School Board because educational needs are ever-changing, and our schools need to not only keep up, but drive progress in education.  I will address the most pressing concerns for our students and our community such as climate change education, delaying school start times and supporting learning opportunities for all students.  Thank you for your vote!

Mark Stuart – District 4

There are many wonderful things happening within Lake Washington School District, but much remains to be done. I’d like to capitalize on what we’ve been doing right – our high graduation rates and academic achievements – while improving on areas in which we fall short.