Precinct Committee Officer (PCO)

What do PCOs do?

PCOs are the building block of the Democratic Party. They are the grassroots organizing base for all of our activities.

  • Canvass or telephone your precinct in coordination with election strategy at least once a year.
  • Coordinate with campaigns in educating voters and generating interest in the election on behalf of candidates and ballot measures.
  • Attend the legislative district and county organization meetings.

If you are a PCO please go to this folder to get access to postcard templates and instructions to be able to safely reach out to your precinct.

Click HERE for the PCO Application. 

Current PCOs

BEL 48-0125Vacant
BEL 48-0126Daniel Studer
BEL 48-0127Vacant
BEL 48-0132Vacant
BEL 48-0133Vacant
BEL 48-0134Chiho Lai
BEL 48-0135Vacant
BEL 48-0136Vacant
BEL 48-0138Claudia Balducci
BEL 48-0140Richard Pope
BEL 48-0142Vacant
BEL 48-0143Vacant
BEL 48-0144Vacant
BEL 48-0145Vacant
BEL 48-0146Vacant
BEL 48-0147Alex Hay
BEL 48-0149Vacant
BEL 48-0151Aaron Tam
BEL 48-0153Vacant
BEL 48-0154Vacant
BEL 48-0156Vacant
BEL 48-0159Vacant
BEL 48-0160Vacant
BEL 48-0162Randy Grein
BEL 48-0164Vacant
BEL 48-0165Vacant
BEL 48-0166Vacant
BEL 48-0167Vacant
BEL 48-0168Vacant
BEL 48-0169Vacant
BEL 48-0170Jane Paige
BEL 48-0171Vacant
BEL 48-0177Vacant
BEL 48-0178Kristen Bryant
BEL 48-0186Vacant
BEL 48-0188Vacant
BEL 48-0189Vacant
BEL 48-0190Clay Compton
BEL 48-0191Vacant
BEL 48-0192Vacant
BEL 48-0193Lisa Weber
BEL 48-0194Vacant
BEL 48-0196Vacant
BEL 48-0198Vacant
BEL 48-0201Vacant
BEL 48-0207Vacant
BEL 48-0212Vacant
BEL 48-0213Vacant
BEL 48-0216Vacant
BEL 48-0217Rick Kirkham
BEL 48-0218Hanna Floss
BEL 48-0221Christie Sanam Lo
BEL 48-0223Olivier Arbey
BEL 48-0224Christine Bear
BEL 48-0225Vacant
BEL 48-0226John Elsbree
BEL 48-0227Bill Mowat
BEL 48-0694John Slough
BEL 48-1023Vacant
BEL 48-1049Vacant
BEL 48-2412Vacant
BEL 48-2430Vacant
BEL 48-2432Vacant
BEL 48-2434Sarah Chandler
BEL 48-2559Liddy Boland
BEL 48-2715Karen Getzinger
BEL 48-2716Sheldon Arakaki
BEL 48-2772Vacant
BEL 48-2773Vacant
BEL 48-2774Vacant
BEL 48-2775Vacant
BEL 48-2776Vacant
BEL 48-2778Vacant
BEL 48-3143Vacant
BEL 48-3144Vacant
BEL 48-3166Van Anderson
BEL 48-3292Phil Hymel
BEL 48-3498Vacant
BEL 48-3674Vacant
BEL 48-3675Vacant
BEL 48-3761Vacant
C-H 48-0321M Ehsan
C-H 48-0322Vacant
C-H 48-0323Ralph Blechschmidt
C-H 48-0324Vacant
C-H 48-0325Vacant
C-H 48-0326Mitra Ehsan
HPT 48-0533Vacant
KIR 48-0614Vacant
KIR 48-0615Laila Saliba
KIR 48-0628Vacant
KIR 48-0629Vacant
KIR 48-0633Vacant
KIR 48-0636Vacant
KIR 48-0638Vacant
KIR 48-0639Vacant
KIR 48-0641Vacant
KIR 48-0642Vacant
KIR 48-0643Neal Black
KIR 48-0644Heather McKnight
KIR 48-0645Vacant
KIR 48-0646Vacant
KIR 48-2598Kelli Curtis
KIR 48-2657Vacant
KIR 48-2731Vacant
KIR 48-2788Vacant
KIR 48-2863Vacant
KIR 48-2913Todd Li
KIR 48-2914Dave Asher
KIR 48-2915Vacant
KIR 48-2919Vacant
KIR 48-2920Vacant
KIR 48-2921Vacant
KIR 48-2922Vacant
KIR 48-2925Vacant
KIR 48-3196Priscilla Lacour
KIR 48-3337Vacant
KIR 48-3401Margit Moore
KIR 48-3439Kelly Chang
KIR 48-3760Aaron Jacobson
MED 48-0749Doug Dicharry
MED 48-0750Vacant
MED 48-0751Vacant
MED 48-0752Vacant
RED 48-0935Vacant
RED 48-0937Vacant
RED 48-0938Vacant
RED 48-0939Vacant
RED 48-0940Vacant
RED 48-0941Tiffany Stoner
RED 48-0942Craig ZumBrunnen
RED 48-0944Vacant
RED 48-0945Vacant
RED 48-0947Vacant
RED 48-0948Vacant
RED 48-0949Dwight Rousu
RED 48-0950Mary Wirta
RED 48-0951Vacant
RED 48-0952Vacant
RED 48-0953Vacant
RED 48-2448Vacant
RED 48-2449Vacant
RED 48-2466Frederick Wamsley
RED 48-2467Sharon Miller
RED 48-2628Vacant
RED 48-2629Jessica Forsythe
RED 48-2630Ashley Jackson
RED 48-2632Vacant
RED 48-2633Vacant
RED 48-2634Vacant
RED 48-2635Vacant
RED 48-2636Vacant
RED 48-2640Vacant
RED 48-2641Vacant
RED 48-2789Zeke Tan
RED 48-2790Vacant
RED 48-2966Felicia Bailey
RED 48-2967Vacant
RED 48-2968Vacant
RED 48-2969Vacant
RED 48-3134Vacant
RED 48-3147Rachid Erekaini
RED 48-3208Vacant
RED 48-3313Karen Tennyson
RED 48-3316Kate Butt
RED 48-3391James Terwilliger
RED 48-3415Varisha Khan
RED 48-3475Vacant
RED 48-3548Vacant
RED 48-3664David Combs
RED 48-3738Chandra Goka
RED 48-3739Vacant
RED 48-3809Vacant
YPT 48-1233Sima Sarrafan
YPT 48-1234Vacant

Become a PCO

You may become an appointed PCO at anytime if your precinct is vacant. To become an elected PCO, file online at the next available PCO filing period (May, 2022). Elected PCOs are elected by voters every two years during the August primary. If your precinct already has a PCO, you can still become an acting PCO in a nearby precinct at any time.

How to get started

  1. Find your precinct
  2. Fill out the PCO Application Form and bring it to the next general meeting to apply.

Learn more

For PCO specific training events, please contact Kristen Bryant.